About Us

Covering Katy News provides accurate and truthful information relevant to the lives of people in the Katy and Fulshear areas.

We boldly defend our readers' right to know information that affects their lives and we provide stories that enrich the lives of people in our community.

We present information fairly and accurately, offer a voice for the people, promote community events, recognize achievements and provide publicity for nonprofit organizations devoted to making life better for those in need.

We desire to be a trusted source of local information and advertising content that is useful and valuable to the readers we serve. 

About the Covering Katy founder

Covering Katy is an online news publication providing accurate and truthful information for Katy area residents.

Covering Katy News was founded in 2011 by award-winning journalist Dennis Spellman. Dennis has covered Houston area news since 2000 on radio, TV, and online. 

With a desire to serve the people of Fort Bend County, in October 2022, Dennis accepted the position of Media Relations and External Engagement Manager for Fort Bend County Precinct 3. He has held similar roles with the Houston Housing Authority and the Houston Independent School District.

Dennis and his family live in Katy's Cinco Ranch neighborhood, surrounded by neighbors from all over the world. He strives to provide stories relevant to those of us who live in one of the nation's most diverse communities. 

Dennis is known for his ability to distill complex information into easily understood stories across all types of audiences and platforms. 

He is an award-winning breaking news reporter, excelling at delivering accurate, on-scene reporting during times of crisis. Since 2000, he has covered every major weather event to hit the Texas Gulf Coast, including Tropical Storm Allison and hurricanes Rita, Ike, Dolly, and Harvey. 

Before moving to Texas, Dennis reported on hurricanes, blizzards, and ice storms in the northeast. Throughout his career, he has provided live-breaking news coverage to millions whose lives depended on precise information. Over the years, the Associated Press has recognized his work with multiple 1st Place awards in a variety of categories. Other professional organizations have recognized  him for outstanding medical, education, and investigative journalism.

Dennis' stories have aired nationally on CBS and ABC radio, CNN and Tribune TV. 

He knows his way around the courtroom, covering numerous criminal trials where juries decided on the guilt or innocence of those accused of horrific murders and historic corporate corruption.

Covering Katy News is Katy's original digital news outlet. We were the first to recognize the convenience and speed of online news. We've never produced a print product because we knew it was unnecessary. 

Because of his broadcasting background, Dennis instinctively recognized that online news publishing is the great equalizer, allowing traditional journalists to deliver information as fast as broadcast journalists on radio and TV. 

We hope you enjoy our website and return daily for frequent news updates.