Sheriff Nehls Warns Residents to take Harvey Seriously

FORT BEND COUNTY (Covering Katy News) – Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls took to social media Thursday night to encourage residents to make final preparations for the incoming hurricane.

“I hope you are all making final preparations for the incoming storm. As you have heard, we are expecting a tremendous amount of rain and major flooding,” Nehls said.

Meteorologists say this will be a five day weather event as Hurricane Harvey makes landfall to our south, but will then follow the coast toward Fort Bend County dumping rain on us for days. It could be eerily similar to Tropical Storm Allison.

Nehls is urging residents not to evacuate.

“Only coastal counties evacuate so we are asking you to stay put. Ensure you have what you need in the event that you lose power,” he said.

Rain will begin Friday and it will be quite windy. “Secure items in your yard to ensure nothing blows around,” the Sheriff said. He also urged residents to stay home on Saturday and Sunday.

“This storm has the potential to be a devestating event for the entire county. Take it seriously and prepare,” Nehls said.

Stay with through the entire storm for constantly updated vital local information.


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