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Katy Area Economic Development Council Responds to Our Questions about Amazon Deal

The symbol of the KAEDC

Covering Katy’s Questions to the KAEDC Covering Katy submitted eight questions to the Katy Area Economic Development Council in light of allegations that the organization is attempting to take credit […]

Katy Area EDC Accused of Deceptively Stealing Credit for Amazon Deal

Courtesy KEDC

KATY (Covering Katy) – The Katy Area Economic Development Council is inappropriately taking credit for the work of other organizations, and its deceptive practices have been a problem for years […]

Can I Cancel that Contract? The 3-Day Rule

It happens all the time. People often have second thoughts about what they’ve bought, whether it’s a car, a health club membership, or a timeshare. The scenarios are endless. It […]

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