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Summer Cocktails? Texas Hosts Rarely Liable for Guests’ DWI Accidents, But That May Be Changing

It’s a scary statistic. The rate of DWI-related deaths in Harris County is often the highest among the nation’s most populated counties. That gives you something to think about if you’re planning to throw a party or entertain with alcohol. If someone leaves your house after drinking too much and then causes an accident, what’s […]

Secretly Recording Private Conversations. Is It Legal?

How many times have you been talking to someone you trust, or even someone you don’t know that well, and casually said: “Well, just between you and me” or “Off the record”? You may think those phrases give you some protection that your statement won’t be repeated at all or at least won’t be attributed […]

Exhale, Parents! Those Signed Release Forms For Kids Don’t Actually Waive Their Rights

 The ways for today’s kids to have fun are innumerable. And so are the ways they can get hurt. That’s why so many businesses or sponsoring groups regularly ask parents to sign release forms, waiving their right to sue if an injury happens. For most parents it’s an unnerving experience. Maybe you pause and ask […]

Investigators say this man attempted to attach a credit card skimming device to an ATM at a store in Richmond. They hope someone will identify him. - Photo Courtesy of the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office

Thief Attempts To Install ATM Credit Card Skimming Device

RICHMOND (Covering Katy) – Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office deputies hope the public can help them find a man who they say attempted to attach a credit card skimming device to an ATM in Richmond. The crime happened last fall and now detectives are making the suspect’s picture public in hopes of solving the case. […]

Was Your Car Towed Illegally? Know Your Rights

If you’ve ever had your car towed, you know that sinking feeling, which can range from fear to frustration to embarrassment. Not to mention, it never happens at a good time. Common reactions include: “Was my car stolen?”, “Did I park somewhere else?” or, “Oh no, I better not have been towed!” While legal towing […]

School Bus Crashes Raise Question of Why No Seat Belts

Two school bus crashes that injured almost two dozen Houston area schoolchildren last week raised an often-asked question for many parents: Why aren’t seat belts required on school buses? After all, it’s the law to buckle up kids in cars, so why not in school buses? Isn’t the safety of our children of utmost importance? […]

Playing with Fireworks: Be Aware of Legal Issues for July 4th Fun

Fireworks are all about expectations. We expect fun. We expect beauty. We expect surprise. And because there is an element of danger to fireworks, we also expect and need them to work correctly. Last year, 11,400 people were treated in U.S. emergency rooms for fireworks injuries, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, with most […]

Katy Entrepreneur Danielle Steel Continues Building On Her Success

  Danielle Steel is the clinical director at Ageless Med Spa, a Katy business she co-owns with Dr. Elvis Torres. Steel’s first entrepreneurial venture came in 1998 when she and two other women operated Intellifacts Corporation, an employment screening company. It was named one of Houston’s fastest growing companies two years in a row. Starting […]