Fort Bend Legislator Supports Medical Cannabis Legislation


AUSTIN (Covering Katy News) – Representative Ron Reynolds (D-Fort Bend County) wants to make it easier for patients with certain medical conditions to get marijuana.

“I am proud to announce the filing of House Bill 209 and HJR 21, which seeks to make access to medical cannabis available for more patients with debilitating medical conditions, instead of it being reserved only for patients with epilepsy,” Reynolds said.

HB 209 authorizes parents to administer medical cannabis to children with debilitating medical conditions if the treatment is recommended by their physician.

The bill also authorizes establishing licensed cannabis testing facilities to analyze the safety and potency of medical cannabis.

In 2017, the Legislative budget board projected this bill to have a $9,288,521 positive impact on the state economy within two years of implementation.

“It’s time for Texas to join the other 33 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico, whom all have comprehensive public marijuana/cannabis programs,” said a statement from Reynolds. “We should not be afraid or reluctant to explore new ways to provide compassionate care, cure diseases, and ease the pain and suffering of Texans, especially our veterans, critical care patients, and the elderly.”

Reynolds is calling on Texans to push their legislators to pass his bill.

“According to a recent University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll, only 16 percent of Texans said possession of marijuana should remain illegal under any circumstances. This is why I filed HJR 21, which proposes a constitutional amendment to allow Texas voters to decide if medical cannabis should be legal.”

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