Bill Designed to Speed Analysis of Rape Kits

Texas Statehouse -Shutterstock

AUSTIN (Covering Katy News) – Texas State Rep. Gina Calanni, D-Katy, has filed House Bill 3845, which would allow forensic analysts to provide testimony via video technology, with permission of the court, in order to give analysts more time to focus on casework.

“Requiring forensic analysts to travel to various cities and counties to testify in-person was identified as a contributing factor to the unacceptable backlog of rape kits in our state,” said Rep. Calanni. “Every time a forensic analyst has to show up in court to provide testimony, longer delays in processing rape kits and other casework can be expected,” she said.

“Video testimony is an easy, cost-neutral fix that will allow forensic analysts to remotely provide crucial testimony in trials outside their location so labs can use their limited funds for casework,” said Dr. Peter Stout, CEO, and President of the Houston Forensic Science Center.

“HB 3845 will allow forensic labs to prioritize staff resources to be more efficient in processing case evidence without out-of-office delays. It’s simple: more analysts in the labs means less kits on the shelves,” Calanni said.

About State Rep. Gina Calanni: State Representative Gina Calanni represents Texas House District 132 and serves on the Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Committee and the Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee. A native Texan, multi-published author, and single mother of three school-aged boys, Rep. Calanni understands first-hand the challenges facing everyday Texans. Rep. Calanni is serving in the Texas Legislature to ensure every Texan has access to quality public education and affordable healthcare.


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