Katy at Tompkins Basketball Game has Unsportsmanlike Ending


KATY (Covering Katy) – The Katy Tigers basketball team lost Friday’s away conference game against Tompkins by a score of 73-51 and things got so heated at the end that players started fighting and then spectators entered the court and escalated the melee.

“Due to FERPA we will not be able to disclose any disciplinary punishments for the students or players,” said a statement from Katy ISD spokesperson Maria DiPetta.

Covering Katy sources say the fight was quickly broken up. We also have multiple sources who claim there is a video of the incident, but DiPetta indicated that the district does not have video of the incident.

“In regards to the video, we saw it on the news ourselves, but per the statement we quickly took action since our school administration and officers were at the game and witnessed the incident, DePetta said.

The district released the following statement on the incident:

On Friday, January 6th, several Katy ISD basketball players were involved in an altercation which took place seconds before the school game was set to conclude.  School administrators intervened immediately and restored order.  None of the students involved in the altercation, nor the bystanders, were seriously injured.  

These types of incidents are taken very seriously.  Within 24 hours, the school administration and District officials met in an emergency meeting to determine disciplinary action.  Because the incident happened among Katy ISD basketball players the matter has also been referred to the UIL District Executive Committee.  

The District is greatly disappointed in the decisions taken by our players, which have now circulated on some social media platforms.  At Katy ISD, the safety of all students and staff is top priority, and we will work to ensure these types of incidents do not occur again.  We ask parents to join us as we use this as an opportunity to teach our students better sportsmanship and self-discipline.


  1. Our kids go to a Katy high school but neither of the two mentioned. In our two years at the school, I’ve never attended an event facing Tompkins (except cheer?) that didn’t result in an altercation. In those same years I’ve never witnessed the same behavior from any of the other schools in the district.

  2. There are several examples of Tompkins having this same thing happen year after year, sadly they are a new school. The coach condones it and so we all have to live with it. Sounds like the underlying factor here is the coaching staff and or the administration at Tompkins.

  3. We are and it won’t be.
    Addressing other concerned posters please be aware some will complain about things being unfair talk to H. Clinton about that one. I don’t know what happened, but it was more than likely something just plain stupid. Kids will be stupid, I mean kids will be kids, or at least I think that is what I mean. Life is about lessons and sometimes they are tough to take, get over it and move on.

    I don’t think the district is at fault and there is nothing sneaky about some facet of life not being recorded in brilliant H. D.

  4. Comments were made that the Tompkins students dressed in shorts, sleeveless undershirts and hats to make fun of the Katy fans. If the students were dressed in violation of the dress code then why didn’t the school administrators send them away? There are cameras in the gym so i wonder why they don’t have video of the incident? Sounds fishy.

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