Streaming School Board Meetings Allow Public to avoid Drama in the Boardroom

KATY (Covering Katy News) – It’s now possible to watch Katy Independent School District Board meetings and not be concerned about candidate Sean Dolan or his  band of taunters, who have been known to flash holsters, try to rip a camera out of a person’s hands, make false claims of being assaulted, and pester people with cellphone video cameras.

A Dolan supporter flashes a gun holster at a school board meeting. He told Fort Bend Sheriff’s investigator “I was just being silly.” Covering Katy photo

At the latest school board meeting candidate Dolan, equipped with a cell phone video camera, attempted an ambush interview of school district’s general counsel Justin Graham. Graham declined to be interviewed by Dolan saying he was busy getting ready for the meeting. He also reminded Dolan, more than once, that he needs to ask legal questions to his own legal counsel. While Dolan was demanding that Graham answer questions, he’s not answered Covering Katy’s questions about his ambush of Graham.

Ambush interview is the name TV reporters use to describe a surprise approach on a subject where the microphone and video camera is already pre-engaged and the reporter demands answers to questions of an unsuspecting person.

“On October 22, 2018, Katy ISD began to livestream the board meetings as a way to provide community members with a more convenient means to view and stay informed of matters discussed during these gatherings,” the school district told Covering Katy News. “While livestreaming is a real-time resource, the public can still access recordings of all our board meetings via the website. Besides the live streaming option, the video recordings of all Board meetings are made available the morning after the meetings.”




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