Schofield Trailing by 49 Votes, Vows to be on 2020 Ballot

KATY/CYPRESS (Covering Katy News) – In an extremely tight race, with 49 votes currently separating Texas House of Representatives District 132 candidates, it is likely to come down to a recount for trailing incumbent Republican Mike Schofield and his Democrat challenger Gina Calanni. Regardless of the outcome, Schofield says he will be on the ballot in 2020.

“I feel optimistic; we had a vigorous election; everybody had their chance to be heard. I am still confident that we will prevail, but if we don’t, I will be right back out on the street knocking on your door for 2020,” said Schofield.

Mail-in ballots will continue to be counted until 5 p.m. today, Nov. 8, and military ballots are counted up to five days after the election. So, it is possible that Schofield will end up winning the race after those votes are added to the total.

“This is not a recount, this is actually getting the final count from the original election,” said Schofield. “We are very close at this stage. On Thursday morning, we are 49 votes behind with at least a couple of hundred of mail ballots left to be counted and provisional ballots and some incoming military votes. So we are hopeful, we are optimistic and we are going to keep the faith, but we are also making sure that everybody’s voice is heard before this is final.”

If Schofield pulls ahead as the remaining ballots are counted, the numbers will still be so close that a recount will likely be held.

“If it is close enough to warrant a recount, which it certainly seems to be, right now the distance is much less than one percent, then a recount would be had after that,” said Schofield.


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