McCaul says Caravan Members have Refused Asylum in Mexico

AUSTIN (Covering Katy News) – Texas Republican Congressman Michael McCaul is questioning the caravan of thousands who are heading toward the US border, many of whom plan to seek asylum. McCaul says Mexico has offered them asylum and they’ve refused.

It’s expected that many of the members of the caravan will claim that they need asylum in the United States to avoid political persecution in their homelands.

“I talked to the Mexican ambassador. He told me they offered the caravan asylum in Mexico,” McCaul said in an interview on the Fox News Channel. “This is a safe third country that they could seek asylum in from their original country in Central America,” McCaul added.

Congressman McCaul represents a portion of the Katy area. He’s also the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee and sees what is happening at the border as a security issue. He says members of the caravan are attempting to scam the system with “bogus” asylum claims.

“We’ve seen the coyotes and the drug cartels game the system time and time again, and until we send a message that if you come you can’t stay in the United States, they are going to continue to come.”

McCaul voiced support of President Trumps move to send the military to the border to deal with what many are calling an orchestrated situation.

“What the President is trying to do is a showing of force, number one with our active duty military, but also to say, look we are not going to take bogus asylum claims. We are going up the standards, and by the way, you’ve got to apply at the ports of entry, not between the ports of entry.

US troops have been rolling out razorwire at the border to keep members of the caravan from crossing into Texas.

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