Greg “Barrett” Gay says it’s ok to Vote for Keller or Dolan

Greg “Barrett” Gay – Katy ISD photo

KATY (Covering Katy) – The man who arguably made school district critic Sean Dolan a household name in Katy says it ok to vote for Dolan’s opponent Duke Keller in the upcoming school board race.

On Feb. 14 Greg “Barrett” Gay posted the following about Duke Keller who is running against Dolan.

“Duke is a great honorable man and has raised a wonderful family in KISD,” Barrett wrote. “He loves our school district and would serve the community well on the board of trustees,” Barrett said of Keller.

Barrett is the man who publically accused former Katy Independent School District Superintendent Lance Hindt of being a bully in junior high school. Dolan used his comments in a video that he circulated online.

Courtesy Facebook

Given the surprising comments, Covering Katy reached out to Barrett for clarification to determine if his comments were a full endorsement of Keller. We did not want to assume it was a full endorsement without asking Barrett himself.

“I’m endorsing both,” Barrett told Covering Katy News.  “It’s a win-win for me. They are both great men,” Barrett wrote.

Barrett’s response to Covering Katy.

A member of the Keller campaign says that Barrett has known Duke Keller for years.

Dolan, Keller and Rebecca Fox are in a three-way race for the Position 1 school board seat being vacated by George Scott.

ANALYSIS: History shows Rebecca Fox’s Switch Makes Dolan Victory Easier



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