Dolan Says He’s Sorry


KATY (Covering Katy News) – Katy ISD school board candidate Sean Dolan has recorded an apology for posting a phony campaign endorsement list. He admits that dozens of people have contacted him to complain that they don’t endorse his campaign.

Over the weekend Dolan published more than 1,200 names on an endorsement list. The public outrage was immediate from many people who found their names on the list.

While his video did a good job of explaining where he got the names, he also conveyed that he was just misunderstood because he’s more experienced than the average person.

“There’s a bit of a disconnection based upon assumptions that I made in my experience and what the average person assumes or knows,” Dolan said 80-seconds into the video.

Dolan said that anyone who liked his A Better Legacy Facebook page was counted as someone who endorsed his campaign and he posted those names on his endorsement list.

He explained that Facebook has two different options for readers. They can “like” a page, or they can “follow” a page.  He seemed to lay the blame on people of “average” experience for clicking “like” instead of “follow.”

“Turns out the average person is not aware that “follow” is an option,” Dolan said.

Dolan says he’s now taken the list down and started over.

“Granted, I fully admit that I was taking a bit of a leap, but I thought it was a small leap to go from liking A Better Legacy to liking my campaign,” Dolan said.

Dolan is convinced that many people support his campaign but are afraid to support him publicly.

“There are a lot of people that have messaged me and explained that they do support me and that they do plan to vote for me, the social pressure involved with being associated with me publicly is not something that they are prepared to weather,” he said.

Dolan eventually admitted responsibility.

“I am wrong on this,” he said.

But he also seems to think the community shares some of the blame too.

“I encourage the community to be more openminded and seek out people that you disagree with and not draw a line in the sand and make this us vs. them,” Dolan said.

“It was a classic non-apology apology,” school board member George Scott said.  “I could not explain Sean Dolan any better than he did in his own video,” Scott added. “His view of his own superior intelligence is as hilarious as it is frightening.”

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