Was it possible for Hindt to Hug Gay?

Greg Gay accused Katy ISD superintendent Lance Hindt of being a junior high school bully in the six final seconds of his address to the board and immediately threw his arms in the air and left the lectern. Gay continued his accusations by yelling at Hindt from the back of the room.

KATY (Covering Katy News) – Now that Covering Katy has proven that Superintendent Lance Hindt did not laugh at a man who accused him of being a bully, there is a new narrative coming from his opponents. It’s coming from Sean Dolan, the man who made the deceptive viral video incorrectly claiming that Katy’s superintendent laughed at his accuser. The new accusation is that Hindt should have hugged his accuser. Dolan proclaimed that everything would have been fine if Hindt had just hugged Greg Gay after the former classmate said the superintendent had bullied him so badly that he nearly committed suicide 40 years ago.

Gay uses the alias Greg Barrett because he says being named Gay is the reason he was bullied as a child. He also says Gay is his legal name.

Hindt says he does not remember Gay as a classmate. Gay claimed they went to school with each other starting in 1975, but some say that’s not true. A school district leader tells Covering Katy they may not have met until 1978 and that their time together was very short because each of them went to a different high school and graduated in 1983.

Dolan was interviewed by the Houston Chronicle for a front-page article that was published on Sunday where the claim was made that Hindt would not be in trouble with the media if he’d given Gay a hug.

“(If) Dr. Hindt came down off the podium, gave Greg a hug, even if this never happened,” Dolan told the Chronicle. “Even if this is all some big misunderstanding. If he had just showed some compassion and told Greg that he doesn’t remember this occurring, he’s made mistakes in his life but he’s a different person today… It would’ve been so good that it wouldn’t have even made the news.”

The truth is that the event seemed choreographed between Gay and Dolan, and it was carried out in a way that left Hindt no options to do anything but call the next speaker. What has not been reported by any media outlet except Covering Katy is that Gay waited until the last six seconds of his address to directly accuse Hindt of being a bully. Hindt was under the false assumption that Gay was only talking about bullying that he’s experienced at the hands of others. Once accused, Gay immediately left the lectern, with Dolan videotaping Hindt’s stunned reaction.

Moreover, Katy ISD School Board member George Scott has addressed that he was the one who had the laughing gasp that was also attributed to Hindt. Again, Scott says he was not laughing at Gay’s statement but he was shocked at the allegation and of Gay’s conduct of leaving the lectern and yelling at Hindt from across the room. No other media has interviewed Scott to verify the claim he made to Covering Katy, which we have verified by review of the unedited, original audio/video of the board meeting.

Hindt’s stunned facial reaction was used by Dolan as a claim that the superintendent laughed at Gay. The truth is Hint did not laugh at Gay. No laugh can be found on the meeting video, except that of Scott. Hindt’s facial reaction was one of shock over what he says was an unbelievable allegation. We know that to be true because Hindt can be heard on video saying, “This is unbelievable.”

After leaving the lectern Gay continued to hurl accusations at Hindt from the back of the room, saying that he had a witness. The witness was later revealed to be Chis Dolan, a man who was in a celebratory mood on Facebook following the destruction that had been done to Hint’s otherwise stellar 20 plus years as an educator.

“We need a big party after all this is over. I’ll book Legacy stadium,” wrote Sean Dolan, under the Facebook name “A Better Legacy.”

“Sean so right!!!” responded Chris Dolan.

Sean and Chris Dolan publicly celebrate via Facebook the negative media coverage they’ve brough upon superintendent Hindt. Courtesy Facebook

Hindt maintains he never beat up Gay in the bathroom in junior high school so no apology is necessary. It’s what Hindt has said since the start, “this is unbelievable,” and he’s never wavered from that claim.

The Chronicle reporter never asked Sean Dolan how Hindt would go about hugging a man who is many yards away yelling at him. So we asked Dolan. We wanted to know if it’s realistic to expect Hindt to approach and hug a man who is yelling personal accusations at him from the back of a room.

Dolan did not answer the question but said Hindt should have contacted Gay at a later date. Again, Dolan changed his narrative. First, he claimed Hindt laughed. Then he claimed Hindt should have given Gay a hug on the night of the meeting, now Dolan’s position appears to be that a hug should have happened at a later date.

“I think it’s odd to not have any contact at all with someone who has accused you of bullying them to the point of contemplating suicide,” Dolan said.

From Hindt’s perspective, it’s odd that someone would accuse him of a 40-year-old bullying incident for which he denies being a participant.

“It is unfortunate that half-truths, viral videos, edited tape, false statements and gotcha moments are a part of our modern mainstream news and social media culture,” Hindt later wrote to his staff.

While talk of hugs and laughs make their way around the internet, former Mayor Don Elder seemed to address a question that many people are asking. Elder told the Chronicle that he wondered why Gay didn’t simply meet privately with Hindt.

“Today, we have a lot of things out there from social media just looking to ruin people’s careers and their personal lives, their family lives,” Elder told the Chronicle. “You have to be real careful because a lot of it can be hearsay.”

Elder also told the Chronicle that he has no memory of Hindt having any incidents while at Taylor High School. He did, however, remember handing Hindt his high school diploma at graduation.

At this point, it certainly seems there will be no hugs exchanged by Hindt and Gay, and after examining the timeline it seems evident that on the night of the allegation there was never a time when a hug could have been exchanged.


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