The Morton Ranch Lesbian Couple and a Key Fact the the Houston Media Ignored

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KATY (Covering Katy News) – Two girls from Morton Ranch High School says they were left off prom court because they are gay. Prom court consists of the top five nominees for prom king and queen. Five boys and five girls are selected. Students then vote for a king and a queen from those on prom court.

Their stories were aired by two Houston TV stations, reposted by the Drudge Report and even an international online media outlet has written its version of events, based on the reports provided by Houston media.

The school district says the prom court selection had nothing to do with sexual orientation. Katy ISD privacy laws keep the district from saying exactly why the girls did not make prom court but the district did provide the three criteria that need to be met.  They have to have enough votes, have good grades, and have no disciplinary problems. Both girls admit that they recently cut class and received detention.

“Maybe that’s the detention we got?” one of the girls told a Houston TV station. “A week prior, we had both left school and went to lunch, which is not allowed anymore.”

“These are good kids,” one of the girl’s mother told a TV station.

The lesbian students say they were given conflicting reasons why they did not make the cut for prom court and while that may be true, there is more to the story than the Houston media has reported.

“What undercuts their argument that they were discriminated against due to sexual orientation is that there is a transgendered individual who made it to the Morton Ranch High School prom court,” said a person with knowledge of the situation.

“The two TV stations knew about the transgendered individual making it to prom court but they did not include it in their stories,” said a second source with knowledge of the case.

When asked how the TV reporters knew about the transgendered students, the source said the lesbian girls were honest about it and told the reporters but that important fact never made air on either newcast.

Whatever the ultimate reason for the girls not making it to prom court, we do know that until now, a very important fact has gone unreported by the Houston media, and it’s a fact that supports Katy ISD’s claim that it does not discriminate based on sexual orientation.

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