Supporters of Superintendent Hindt to Rally Today at the Education Support Complex

Dr. Lance Hindt in a video following the Harvey Floods – Courtesy Katy ISD

KATY (Covering Katy News) – After a three-week blitz of negative media coverage sparked by a deceptive video, a growing group of parents and teachers are planning to rally in support of Katy Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Lance Hindt today at the school district’s headquarters.

“Participants will stand shoulder to shoulder to form a circle around Dr. Hindt to show their support of his leadership,” said a statement from Debbie Ellis, the Katy ISD teacher who is organizing the event. 

Greg Gay accused Hindt of beating him up in a junior high school bathroom some 40 years ago. Hindt says he was not Gay’s attacker and has no childhood memories of Gay.

Supporters of Gay say they are against bullying but have shown that they will use extreme bullying tactics to get what they want, Hindt to resign. The anti-Hindt contingent also includes a two time convicted felon who used the internet to attack a Covering Katy journalist’s wife as payback for his truthful coverage.

One supporter of Gay was photographed by Covering Katy flashing a holster at the most recent school board meeting. The unidentified man told a Fort Bend County Sheriff’s detective that he was “being silly,” and did not have a gun in the holster. The man was not charged.

The holster flasher. – Covering Katy photo

“Based on the book “The Circle Maker” by Pastor Mark Batterson, this event seeks to uplift Dr. Hindt through the power of positivity. Such circles of positivity help uplift and support individuals or groups who face situations grounded in negativity.”

During Hindt’s short time as Superintendent, he’s led the school district through historic flooding, and been credited with pushing school building contractors to construct the district’s schools at a significantly lower price than voters approved in the most recent bond referendum.

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The deceptive video used to undermine Hindt is not the issue that has sparked an all-out assault on Katy’s School District during Hindt’s tenure. Hindt also led the school district through two previous national assaults over the past year. One was from the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals which pressured Hindt to essentially eliminate the Future Farmers of America program after a student shot his pig at a Katy ISD agriculture barn. Hindt did not buckle under the pressure.

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The national and Houston media also misrepresented Hindt’s position on a book that was put under review for profanity and racially insensitive words. The national media and the Houston media consistently reported that Hindt had banned the book.  That claim was untruthful. Hindt withstood the negative coverage and following a short review, the book was removed from junior high school shelves but restored to high school libraries.  It is now available to students who have parental consent. Hindt not only solved the crisis quickly but created a system called “informed parental consent”  which keeps similar book controversies from happening again at Katy ISD.

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Monday’s rally in support of Hindt will take place at 4:30 p.m. in the parking lot of the Katy ISD Education Support Complex at 6301 South Stadium Lane.

Organizers say they expect more than 500 people to show up.

The rally takes place one hour before the school board meeting which begins with an executive session at 5:30 p.m. and an open session at 6:30 p.m. on April 16, 2018.


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