Simonton Warned to Prepare for Flooding

Four pumps are running 24-7 to prevent flooding in the Valley Lodge subdivision in Simonton.  Covering Katy News photo

SIMONTON (Covering Katy News) – We can expect to see an average of 1 to 4 inches of rain tonight with some areas seeing 4 to 8 plus inches according to Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Commissioner Andy Meyers. There is also a slight risk for damaging winds, large hail, and isolated tornadoes he added.

“We expect continued periods of heavy rain Friday and Saturday,” Meyers said.

There is also the potential for 2-4 inches per hour of rainfall according to Meyers.  With the soil already saturated, this means there is a high potential for flash flooding and it’s important to stay off the roads during these storms he warned.

“Our office has been communicating with the Simonton city manager and city engineer in the last hour,” said Meyers in a social media post on Thursday night. “The city is running all four of their pumps in Valley Lodge and Simonton will be going to full activation of their emergency operations center tonight.”

If this projected river height is reached, many roads in Simonton will go under water. Some roads in Fulshear may also flood according to Meyers.

These pumps in Simonton have been running 24-7 since Wednesday. Covering Katy photo


The latest forecast has the Brazos River jumping to a high or very high scenario for this weekend, which can vary based on how much rain falls tonight, and where that rain falls according to Meyers.

“If you are a property owner who flooded in 2015, it is advised that you begin to prepare as if a similar water event will happen,” Meyers said.

“Property under threat should be prepared and livestock should be removed from fields that have flooded,” he added.

The Fort Bend County Fairgrounds is available to help shelter livestock needing evacuation.

“The river is being closely monitored in the Simonton area and Constable Wayne Thompson and Fort Bend County Road and Bridge have been spending additional time and patrols in Simonton near the river,” Meyers said.


For Fort Bend C0inty updates text  FBCALERT to 888777.

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