Sean Dolan’s Profane Argument with Police Officer Self-Published on Video

KATY (Covering Katy News) – A profanity-laced confrontation between Katy school board candidate Sean Dolan and a police officer is going viral on social media.  Dolan shot the video and posted it online at some point in the past, apparently proud that he told a police officer to perform a sexual act on himself that is not anatomically possible. Dolan made the statement three times before the officer walked off.

Dolan schooled the police officer – several times stating “Don’t be rude.”

It was not immediately apparent when the video was shot but Dolan apparently forgot that it was still available for the world to see.

“Forgot about that.  Yes, that was me,” Dolan wrote on his A Better Legacy Facebook page.

“Coming back from a work Christmas party with my mom. She was driving slow (5 mph) alongside other cars,” he wrote.

The officer appeared to have been using a handheld flashing light to get the attention of Dolan’s mother. He apparently wanted her to be in a different lane.

“The officer slammed his hand on my mom’s window side and started screaming at her,” Dolan said.

The video shows that Dolan reacted with the same tone toward the officer and also used expletives.

“I take full responsibility for my actions and accept any and all consequences of it.”

It’s not clear if he was sorry, or simply prepared to take the consequences.  What those consequences would be is not clear because he was not arrested for his behavior toward the officer.

It’s the second time in less than a week that Dolan has had to explain his actions. Earlier this week, in a rambling video, he attempted to explain why he posted a phony endorsement list where he admitted that “dozens” of people demanded that he remove their names because they did not endorse his campaign.

A couple of the names on the list were not real people. One was Melba Toast and the other was a character on The Simpsons.

Covering Katy has requested a response from Dolan. He typically does not respond to our questions.  If he does we will update this story.

CAUTION: The video below has beeps over the profanity but it’s clear what is being said. It recommended that this video not be played in the presence of children or adults who will be offended by profanity.

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