Robotics Mentor from Harmony School of Innovation Katy Wins Compass Award

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Mr. Oz, first row left, with his Royal Robotics team 9840. Courtesy HSI Katy

KATY (Covering Katy News) – The Royal Robotics Team 9840 from the Harmony School of Innovation Katy recently competed in the South Super-Regional Championships in Georgia and the team’s coach, Ramazan Ozdemir, was honored with the “Compass Award.”

The Compass Award is provided to a person who is a beacon and leader in the journey of the FIRST Tech Challenge. First stands for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.  The award recognizes an adult coach or mentor who has given outstanding guidance and support to a team throughout the year and demonstrates what it means to be a gracious professional.

“They’re amazing kids and the honor for Mr. Oz is well deserved,” said Nancy Liedke of the Harmony School of Innovation Katy.

The winner of the compass award was determined from candidates nominated by FIRST Tech Challenge student team members who produced a 40-60 second video submission about their nominee. Below is the video that was produced by the students who make up the Royal Robotics team. It the one-minute submission they tell judges why they are thankful for having Mr. Oz, as they call him, lead their team.

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“Growing and learning about robotics has been an amazing experience,” said the team member who narrated the video.  “He has been the ideal mentor in all aspects of FIRST including programming, building, and community outreach,” she said.

In 2013 Mr. Oz moved from Turkey to teach physics at Harmony. While not originally intending to coach robotics he assisted another teacher another teacher in the process. The following year he ran the team on his own and eventually the school has so much interest in robotics that it fielded three teams and Mr. Oz found himself leading all of them.  Additionally, he helped them regularly host a west Houston robotics league that holds competition meets at the Harmony School of Innovation.

“We are extremely grateful for all he has given us,” the student said.

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