Position 2 School Board Candidates Pledge not to take Vendor Donations

Lance Redmon – photo provided


Rebecca Fox – Covering Katy photo

KATY (Covering Katy News) – It’s perfectly legal for companies that do business with Katy ISD to donate to the campaigns of school board members but many voters believe it’s a conflict of interest. Now, Katy school board position 2 candidate Lance Redmon is pledging not to take any money from any of the district’s 300 plus vendors. His opponent, incumbent Rebecca Fox says she will do the same.

“Lance is interested in reaching out to the community to support his campaign and believes that it is the grass-roots efforts which bring the best return on one’s investment,” said a statement from the campaign. “If the community believes in me as a candidate then they will help us spread the word throughout the district with their voices, actions, and funding.”

“If we are to have transparency, let it begin here and let it begin with me, Redmon said.

“I have never taken vendor donations and never will,” said Fox when contacted by Covering Katy.  “Grassroots is who I am and will continue to be,” she added.

Early voting is from Monday, April 22 through Tuesday, April 30. Election day is Saturday, May 4.


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