Peyote, Marijuana, and illegal Mushrooms Found Growing in Katy Home

Alex Noorian

KATY (Covering Katy News) – A man from Katy is facing felony drug charges after Harris County Precinct 5 deputies discovered nearly 2,000 grams of illegal peyote at his home.

Peyote, an endangered species, is a Class 1 Hallucinogen on the same level as LSD and PCP.  It is a psychedelic drug and is illegal to use, grow or sell.

Alex Noorian, 31, was arrested on Monday after a reported disturbance at his home in the 2600 block of Planters House Lane in Williamsburg Colony.  Deputies obtained a search warrant for the home and found 6 pots of peyote cactus along with two jars of the drug.

In addition to 1,900 grams of peyote, deputies found and confiscated illegal mushrooms, THC wax, and 35 marijuana plants inside the house.

Noorian was arrested on felony charges of manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

See Precinct 5 photos below.

Pct. 5

Pct. 5

Pct. 5

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