Our Response to Harvey makes Katy one of the ‘Nicest Places in America’

Two men in the Kelliwood Park neighborhood work together to dismantle a cabinet that was removed from a flooded home. Covering Katy photo.

NEW YORK (Covering Katy News) – Back in May, Reader’s Digest launched its second annual search for the “Nicest Places in America,” a national crowd-sourced effort to uncover places where people are kind and treat each other with respect. In an era of cultural and political divides, “Nicest Places” is Reader’s Digest’s response. Katy has made the list because neighbors helped neighbors following the floods of Hurricane Harvey.

“While there is plenty of media shining a light on conflict and rancor in America, we’re providing a way for Americans to share the places where neighbors trust each other, strangers are welcomed, and civility and respect win out,” said Reader’s Digest editor-in-chief Bruce Kelley. “We know they’re all around us.”

This year, ABC’s “Good Morning America” joined Reader’s Digest to make sure that spotlight shines brightly. Nicest Places will be featured on upcoming segments on “Good Morning America” and co-anchor Robin Roberts will serve as a judge and guest editor for the Nicest Places coverage in an upcoming issue of Reader’s Digest.

“It can be easy to underestimate the power of kindness and respect,” says Roberts. “I’m honored to be part of an initiative that brings people together and celebrates those important values.”

Launched in 2017, the first search for Nicest Places resulted in hundreds of nominations filled with stories of a kinder, more trusting America than you see on social media and on cable news. The heartwarming story of the winning place, Gallatin, Tennessee, told of a growing city struggling to heal historic racial divides when faced with tragedy.

Click to read the Reader’s Digest story about Katy.

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