Open Letter to Mrs. Hindt from Allison Spellman

This letter to the editor is written by Allison Spellman the wife of Covering Katy publisher Dennis Spellman. Mrs. Spellman is not and has never been involved in the daily operations of Covering Katy. 

Dear Mrs. Hindt,

I know you must feel like you have suffered alone over the past three months, but in some ways, you have not. While my experiences through this evil time are just a microcosm of what you’ve experienced, we’ve been victimized by the same people, at the same time, for the same reason.

Like you, I’ve experienced how this evil cabal targets our husbands’ families as a strategy of making them choose between pursuing their careers or protecting their families.

I know what it’s like to have people asking for the latest news, not because they care about you as a human being, but because they want to feed the Katy gossip train.

I know what it’s like when people minimize the pain that these monsters have created, with a complete inability to understand that the attacks aren’t fictional, they involve real people.

I understand that your suffering happened while also attempting to deal with the everyday challenges of life. I lost my brother to suicide less than a year ago. Now the difficult grief process has been compounded by the vicious attacks of a few.

I understand what it’s like to repeatedly watch Greg Gay suck up to the TV limelight as a victim of bullying while he overlooked the bullying he helped unleash on us.

I understand that Katy has an underbelly that is mean, vindictive and ruthless. We’ve been experiencing it since Covering Katy was established seven years ago simply because my husband, like yours, stands tall and does what is right.

The bullying of Covering Katy began with the former leadership of Katy ISD because my husband had the nerve to report truthfully about gangs and stadium overspending. It was your husband who ended that bullying and was understanding no matter what was reported by Covering Katy.

I’ve never met you, but I feel a connection that we’ve shared a similar experience at the hands of the same people, at the same time, but your experience was far worse.

No matter how many people claim to be your friend, no one understands what you’ve been through unless they’ve experienced it too. I have, and I understand why you’ve had enough.

You and your husband, two shining lights, came to this school district less than two years ago. The potential of your impact will never be known because it was snuffed out by people too self-absorbed to understand the damage they’ve done to your family, our school district and the Katy community.

I wholeheartedly support you, your husband and your children as you attempt to rebuild from a punishment that you did nothing to deserve. We did not deserve this treatment, and it will take years for this community to recover from the stigma of being a community of bullies, not in the schoolyards of Katy ISD, but on the internet, the dirty playground of evil adults.





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