One Dead in Katy Freeway Crash in Waller County

The crash caused all lanes to be shut down for more than an hour on the Katy Freeway. Houston TranStar

WALLER COUNTY (Covering Katy News) – One person was killed in a two-vehicle accident that tied up traffic for several hours Friday morning on the Katy Freeway in Waller County.

The accident happened when a vehicle struck a parked 18-wheeler on what was a foggy early morning. See photo below.

The vehicle burst into flames.  The victim was a passenger in that vehicle.

Because it was a fatal accident, the investigators had to spend hours documenting what happened. That is why there was such a long delay clearing the scene.

All lanes reopened at about noontime.

It was a foggy morning when the crash happened at about 5:25 a.m.

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