Man Executed in Public Friday Night at Bella Terra Shopping Center


RICHMOND (Covering Katy) – About a dozen gunshots were fired at a man in the middle of a busy shopping center in the Katy area early Friday night. The victim eventually died, but not until after he walked into a busy restaurant and collapsed in front of the customers. He was later and was taken to the hospital and died. Now the search is on for the gunman.

It happened at the Shops of Bella Terra Shopping Center in Richmond which is located on the Grand Parkway, just south of the Westpark Tollway.

The shooting happened around 7:30 p.m. near the Sushi Hana restaurant and deputies reportedly said he drove to the Buffalo Wild Wings, went inside for help and collapsed.

The victim was in his late twenties.

Judging by the markers at the crime scene it appeared that there were numerous gun shots fired. Witnesses reportedly said they heard about a dozen gun shots. One person said it sounded like fire crackers.

The crime appears to be drug related given what was found in the victim’s car.

“There is a substantial amount of drugs inside the vehicle. There’s a handgun inside the vehicle, and so I think this could be some type of narcotics transaction that obviously went bad. But you bring guns and drugs into the mix, you’re dealing with fire,” said Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls.

No one else was injured.