Lupe Valdez and other Democratic Candidates Hold Katy Rally

Lupe Valdez was one of several Democratic candidates who rallied in Katy on Wednesday night.- George Slaughter photo

KATY (Covering Katy News)—Texas Democrats brought their statewide tour here Wednesday night to rally supporters prior to early voting that beings on Monday.

At a rally in front of Palacio Maria, 21728 Highland Knolls, the message cited by Fort Bend District Attorney candidate Brian Middleton, was simple: “Vote like (former President Barack) Obama was on the ballot.” Middleton and others urged the crowd, estimated at about 150, to bring their friends to the polls.

Obama isn’t on the ballot, but federal, state and local races will be decided in the election.

Lupe Valdez, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, touted her leadership skills and record as Dallas County Sheriff. She said people have asked her about the Texas economic record under her opponent, Republican incumbent Greg Abbott. She said many of those jobs are extra jobs that people must work to support themselves.

“Some folks are working two or three jobs to make ends meet,” Valdez said.

Valdez also said people have asked her about her campaign being outspent by Abbott’s campaign.

“In 2018, this election will not be bought, but be fought,” she said.

In an interview, Valdez said that the state is responsible for public education and “we need to have a decent one.”

Asked about how the state can deal with flooding issues caused by storms such as Hurricane Harvey last year, Valdez the first issue is to get people to believe that climate change is real.

“We’re going to have another storm,” Valdez said. “When you first accept (that climate change is real), then you can start working on the issues.”

Valdez said she‘d like to see some of the state’s rainy day fund used to build structures that either have high elevation or are not in flood-prone areas. She said she supports surge protection measures and a third reservoir being sought for the Cypress Creek area. She said the state must continue to work with the federal government to get appropriate federal funds.

She praised Harris County voters for passing a flood-mitigation bond issue in August.

In an interview after his speech, Mike Collier, the Democratic lieutenant governor candidate, said two primary issues were public education funding and rising property taxes. He said he would work to end corporate property loopholes that would bring more approximately $5 billion more revenue that would be used to better fund public education.

Collier faces Republican incumbent Dan Patrick.

Other Democrats who spoke briefly to the crowd included:

– U.S. House District 10 candidate Mike Siegel, who faces Republican incumbent Michael McCaul.

– Comptroller candidate Joy Chevalier, who faces Republican incumbent Glenn Hegar.

– Land Commissioner candidate Miguel Suazo, who faces Republican incumbent George P. Bush.

– State Senate District 17 candidate Rita Lucido, who faces Republican incumbent Joan Huffman.

– State House District 28 candidate Meghan Scoggins, who faces Republican incumbent John M. Zerwas.

– State House District 132 candidate Gina Calanni, who faces Republican incumbent Mike Schofield.

– Harris County Commissioner Precinct 4 candidate Penny Shaw, who faces Republican incumbent Jack Cagle.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6.




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