Longtime Resident and Reader Explains Why Subscribing to Covering Katy is Important


I have lived in Katy for 42 years and this is the first “letter to the editor” I have signed and submitted. I’m not especially proud of that, but I am so concerned about the future of local news in Katy I believe it is time to do so.

I do my best to follow the news at all levels: national, international, state, county, Houston, and Katy. The one place where we have been shorted a professional news outlet since I moved to Katy has been HERE in our own backyard, Katy! The only exception to this has been Covering Katy.

Sure we get some print papers tossed in our front yard that do little more than print “feel good” items. If you want to know more than what happened at Aunt May’s bake sale you need to go online and read Covering Katy.

Covering Katy IS the only news source we have ever had that asks the tough questions of those in control of our children, our money, and our other property. Not only does Covering Katy ask the questions, they stay at it until they get an honest answer or are told to get out of the office. Much to Covering Katy’s credit, if they are sent packing they come right back with a freedom of information request, or whatever else it takes to get to the bottom of an issue. Covering Katy believes that government and those in elected office are here to serve us, not the other way around. As such we cannot afford to let Covering Katy go by the wayside.

Need proof? Pull out those other papers and see what they have to say and notice the only time they print a hard-hitting article is AFTER Covering Katy has plowed the field and done the legwork. They do not lead, they follow and do a poor job of that.

I have known Mr. Spellman for several years. He lives among us, works here, and has a stake in this community. He has been called a puppet of the school district, he has been called an arch enemy of the same district, and the same can be said for other government bodies where some love him and others hate him. Why do people love and also hate him on both sides of the street? I think it is because he tells the truth and feels others should do the same, especially those in power. No matter their politics, everyone knows him to be a man of principle and one who will not compromise the truth. Can we afford to let such a news person leave our community?

No paper — print or digital — can survive only on the revenue generated by ads. To do so forces the reporter to beat the bushes full time looking for ad revenue just to keep the lights turned on with no time to pursue what matters to us.

My wife and I are retired. We spend a fair amount of our time on the road, and knowing Covering Katy is back home taking care of business just makes me feel better, so I pulled out my credit card and signed up. I like to go to Starbucks, and by the time I buy a simple coffee for my wife and myself, I can pay for a full month of Covering Katy news. It really is a small price to pay.

I encourage all of you reading this, even those in other states, to sign up and see what is possible when a local, concerned, committed news source is allowed to flourish and not cower to others.

The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they expressly made provisions for a free press. Sadly, it takes money to keep a free press on our side. I hope others will join me in supporting Covering Katy, otherwise, a great light will be extinguished to the delight of some and to the regret of anyone who feels good journalism is something worth preserving.

With Respect,
Ross Raymond
Katy, TX



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