Katy Freeway Police Chase Ends in Fort Bend County – VIDEO

FORT BEND COUNTY (Covering Katy News) – An early morning police chase on the Katy Freeway ended in a portion of Houston that is in Fort Bend County not far from the Westpark Tollway and Highway 6.

The chase began at about 1 a.m. on Houston’s northside on Irvington near Cavalcade when Houston Police officers attempted to stop a driver who then led them on a 45-minute chase.

“He was running red lights.  He’d pull over and then start back up again,” said HPD Lt. Gordon Macintosh.

After passing through numerous Houston streets the chase eventually got to the Katy Freeway.  The driver headed west and then to Highway 6 south.

“He was going between 75 to 80 on the freeway and 45 to 50 through the neighborhoods,” Mcintosh said.

Police think that the man may have been attempting to use backroads to evade them and return to his house in Richmond. The chase ended on Flying Eagle Drive near Talon Crest Court in Houston.

“He lives up here in Richmond somewhere, but not in this neighborhood,” Macintosh said. “He may have gotten lost trying to find some back roads home, but he did stop voluntarily.”

A Fort Bend County EMS team checked the man out at the scene before he was taken to jail. He appeared to be uninjured but refused to be examined behind closed doors, inside the ambulance. The examination took place on the street.

Police believe the man may have been under the influence of drugs.

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