Katy Documented Gang Member Charged with Murder in Cardiff Case

Seth Brumant – HCSO booking photo

KATY/HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy News) – A teenage documented gang member from unincorporated Katy/Harris County has been charged with murder in connection with a body that was found in a car at Cardiff Junior High School on Sunday, May 26, 2019. The killing did not happen on school grounds but it’s where the victim and his friends drove after a shooting.

Seth Brumant, 17, has been charged with murder in the death of Marvin Harrison, 19, who was shot while sitting in a car with his cousin and another family member.

“Deputies report that three men in a car were involved in a shooting elsewhere before they drove to the parking lot of Cardiff Jr. High, 3900 Dayflower, in Katy and called for help,” said Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

A court document reveals that the killing was drug-related. A witness told prosecutors that Brumant had paid $80 for marijuana prior to the shooting. Harrison was reportedly shot in the head and his cousin was shot in the left arm.

Brumant was arrested this week.  As of Friday morning, he was still behind bars with a bond of $200,000. Investigators believe he was involved in one other shooting and has also trafficked in firearms. It was for those reasons that prosecutors asked for and received a high bond.

Brumant’s address is listed as Silverhawk Drive in the Westfield subdivision off Greenhouse Road. It is a very short distance from Cardiff Junior High School.

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