Katy Area Health Clubs Still being Targeted by Car Burglars


KATY (Covering Katy News) – Thieves are continuing to break into cars at Katy-area gyms and health clubs.

“Just let people in Katy be aware of what is going on,” said Cristina Chavarria when she called Covering Katy after her vehicle was burglarized.

Chavarria’s car window was smashed while she was working out at the Fitness Connection on Provincial Boulevard at South Mason Road.  It happened Monday, Dec. 4, at about 9:30 a.m.

“I got in my car and could feel the wind blowing. I looked back and

could see glass all over the inside of my car,” she said.

After breaking her window, they stole her purse, which was covered in the backseat by a sweater. She thought thieves would not see the purse because it was covered and her windows are tinted.  She only had two dollars in cash in her wallet, but the thieves go her driver’s license and credit cards. They immediately started buying items with her stolen cards.

They went to Sam’s Club and made two transactions for $971 and $1,083.

Following the Sam’s Club purchase the bank called Chavarria’s husband to ask if the unusually large purchases were legitimate, and he told them no. The cards were immediately deactivated while the thieves were still attempting to use them. They attempted to make a purchase of $564 at Target and another purchase at HEB but were unsuccessful.

She filed a report with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and was told by a deputy that cars parked at health clubs are a favorite target for burglars.

“They are targeting gyms because they know the owners will be in the gym for at least an hour,” Chavarria said.

She said the Fitness Connection did not have any warning about crime in their parking lot, even though she’s not the first victim. After her car was burglarized, Chavaria said another member of Fitness Connection said the same thing happened to his girlfriend in the club’s parking lot.

She said that two weeks ago they broke into that car not knowing if they’d find anything inside.

“They broke into her car and opened the trunk and took her purse. They broke into two more cars before they left,” she said.

Covering Katy has called the Fitness Connection for their reaction and to find out if they plan to take measures to warn their members about the parking lot burglaries. This story will be updated with their response if they provide one.

Covering Katy is also aware of a fitness club in Fulshear that has a notice posted on its doors warning members of burglaries in their parking lot.

Harris County Sheriff’s deputies pulled the Fitness Connection surveillance video from the day her car was burglarized, but it did not provide any leads.

Chavarria said the bank will match up the facts with the Sam’s Club video in an attempt to identify those who are responsible.

The bank will cover Chavarria’s losses, but she says it was still a horrible experience.

“It’s very traumatic,” she said.

The broken rear window of Cristina Chavarria’s car.


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