Katy Area Couple Confronts Man Who was Following Their Daughter

KATY (Covering Katy News) – A Katy area mother says her daughter was followed for hours by a 37-year-old man from Fulshear. The incident happened on Saturday.

The mother shared her story with Channel 13 in a report that aired Wednesday.

“This can happen to anybody. It’s not just in the movies, it’s real,” Marina Hernandez told the Houston TV station.

It began at the Katy area JCPenny store where the man admits spotting the 24-year-old woman. When the family returned home, he followed them according to the report. Neither the mom nor the daughter noticed that they were being followed by someone in a black Nissan Altima.

It was not until three hours later when the family noticed the vehicle parked nearby their home. Then they watched as the car followed their daughter out of the neighborhood as she made a trip to the Katy Main Street H-E-B grocery store.  The parents followed along in their car to see what would happen. The mother said he followed her daughter to H-E-B, parked and went inside and followed her on foot.

“At that point, my heart started racing, I was like, ‘There is no way,'” Hernandez told KTRK.

The mother confronted the man, he became nervous and scared and, she says, admitted that he’d been following her daughter since they were at JCPenny hours earlier.

The mother took pictures of the man, his car and his license plate and reported the incident to the Katy Police who told KTRK that the man confessed and even wrote a letter of apology.

“That letter doesn’t mean anything to me, he shouldn’t have done it, to begin with,” Hernandez told KTRK.

The man was not charged because the incident did not meet the threshold for a stalking crime because he did not commit the act more than once, according to the KTRK report.

The man reportedly has no criminal history.

“Somebody who sits out there for three hours does not have good intentions. And I don’t believe that was his first time doing it.”

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