Heavy Rain is expected Friday

File image courtesy AccuWeather

KATY/HOUSTON (Covering Katy News) – The Covering Katy Shingle Hut forecast is calling for substantial heavy rain in Katy on Friday. The forecast has caught the attention of leaders in Houston who want to prevent flooding.

The city has announced that it “is preparing for a pre-release of water to lower Lake Houston prior to the arrival of the storm.”

The release could be a very large amount of water, enough that the city’s public works department is warning people who live along the shore.

“Property owners should secure property along the shoreline for a potential lowering of Lake Houston up to 18 inches before the end of Wednesday,” said a statement from the city.

Lake Houston is located in the northeast portion of Houston. According to our forecast, at the time of this article being posted, heavy rain in Katy will end on Friday, but the City of Houston believes the heavy rain will continue in the Lake Houston area into Saturday. The driving distance from Katy to Lake Houston is about 55 miles.

Click the link below to view a constantly updated forecast from AccuWeather. If the Katy forecast changes it will be reflected in the weather forecast below.

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