Video Captures Precinct 5 Deputy’s Saving Motorist from Floodwaters


HOUSTON (Covering Katy News) – Harris County Precinct 5 deputy constables protect a large portion of the Katy area but their patrol also includes the Westpark Tollway where dashcam video shows them saving a motorist from floodwaters in Houston on July 4.

Deputy constables and an Incident Response Team member were quick to act when a driver found herself in high water. The driver did not want to get out of her car so a deputy tethered himself to the Incident Response truck and went into the rushing water allowing the floating vehicle to be pulled to safety.  See the video above.

The rushing waters were so strong that when one deputy fell down he struggled to get back to his feet as the water began pushing him along the roadway.

“Precinct 5 reminds drivers to avoid driving during heavy rains, and to watch out for street closures,” said Jeff McShan, spokesman for Constable Ted Heap’s office.


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