Two Motorcycles Crash on the Katy Freeway



HOUSTON (Covering Katy) – One biker is in critical condition and another biker is in serious condition after they colided on the Katy Freeway early Saturday morning.

It happened at about 12:30 a.m. as the bikers were headed westbound.  The crash happened near North Wilcrest, a short distance west of Beltway 8.

One man suffered a very serious leg injury. The other had broken bones, multiple injuries and was in critical condition at the time he was transported to the hospital.

The crash shut down the Katy Freeway for about an hour on the Westbound side.



  1. Nat – you were there? So was I. Which person were you? I talked to Sergio today, the one the story lists as “critical,” and he is recovering from his injuries. I have not heard back from Solomon. I stayed with Solomon after the accident. One of the girls who was helping Sergio was hit by a tow truck trying to be the first on the scene. He was backing onto the freeway and hit her. Something needs to be done about these tow truck drivers, but that’s a different story. You would think he would have gotten out to help us four girls at the scene, but instead he took off after hitting her. I wish I knew her name, because she was injured, too, though not severely. Everyone has been on my mind and in my prayers since this happened Friday night.

  2. Judging by the bike in the picture it would be a complete guess by me – but would also guess they weren’t out for a leisurely ride on one of those.

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