Harris County Sheriff Not Ready to Confirm Mumps have Infected Jail Inmates

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez – Covering Katy file photo

HOUSTON (Covering Katy News) – Several inmates at the Harris County jail recently began exhibiting symptoms which are similar to the mumps virus.

“The mumps diagnosis comes from a doctor’s clinical observation; we are awaiting test results to confirm that doctor’s belief,” said a statement from the office of Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. “At this time, there have been no confirmed cases of the mumps virus in the jail.

“Normal visiting hours for all Harris County Sheriff’s Office jails will remain in effect,” the statement also said.

Symptoms can include swelling, rashes, and fever. Mumps remains contagious for five days after symptoms start. The symptoms include fever, rashes, and swelling. Mumps is typically mild in childhood but adult infertility can result when males past the age of puberty become infected.

“Since the two-MMR dose vaccination program was introduced in 1989, U.S. mumps cases decreased by more than 99%, with only a few hundred cases reported most years,” said a statement on the Centers for Disease Control Website. “However, since 2006, there have been several increases in cases and outbreaks about every 5 years,” the CDC website also said.

Courtesy CDC

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