Clerk charged with selling alcohol to teenage driver in fatal crash

Gumaro Munoz Campos

HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy News) – The district attorney hopes that clerks who work in stores in Katy or any other part of Harris County will notice what can happen when alcohol is sold to a minor. A Harris County convenience store clerk faces the possibility of spending 40 years in prison for allegedly selling alcohol to a teenager prior to a high-speed crash where two high school students were killed.

“Selling alcohol to minors is not only illegal, but places lives in danger,” Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said. “In this case, it cost two kids their lives and a third faces the prospect of prison.”

Gumaro Munoz Campos, 29, was arrested Sunday night at the Humble Handi Stop. He was charged as part of a joint effort by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and theTexas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

The investigation determined that Jagger Smith, 17, bought four bottles of MD 20/20 wine from the store about one hour before the crash. On July 25, Smith was driving along Timber Forest Drive at more than 80 miles per hour, twice the speed limit, when he lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a tree that split the Nissan Altima in half.

Smith, a Kingwood High School student, has admitted to drinking one bottle by himself. Smith has been charged with intoxication manslaughter in the deaths of his passengers, Chloe Robison and Salma Gomez, each 16 years old. The girls were students at Atascocita High School.

“While the vast majority of alcohol retailers are doing the right thing and keeping alcohol out of minors’ hands, this case shows what can happen when the law isn’t followed,” TABC ExecutiveDirector Bentley Nettles said.

Munoz Campos’s arrest comes as part of District Attorney-led task force that starts its work at the scene of fatal drunk driving accidents and works backward to determine how DWI suspects obtained alcohol.

“The task force will track down any and everyone who helped Jagger Smith get drunk,” said Assistant District Attorney Sean Teare, who is chief of the Vehicular Crimes Division. “Chloe and Salma’s blood is on their hands as well as his.”



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