Girls Can be a Deputy too!

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Deputy Tondera with Hannah.

KATY (Covering Katy News) – When five-year- old Hannah learned that girls can be a sheriff’s deputy or a police officer she want to learn more. Hannah wanted meet a female law enforement officer and that’s what she did on Thursday after her mom set up the meeting.

Fort Bend County Deputy Tondera met with Hannah and answered all of her questions.

“We appreciate Hannah’s enthusiasm for law enforcement and we’re happy to stop by for a visit anytime,” said a post on the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office website.

Hannah lives in Katy but she came here from Alaska.  Maybe someday she’ll be patroling the streets here in the Katy area, or be a star on the reality TV show Alaska State Troopers.

Good luck Hannah and Deputy Tondera!


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