Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce Changes Name to Include Katy

FULSHEAR (Covering Katy News) – Members of the Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce overwhelmingly approved changing the group’s name at its monthly meeting on Wednesday morning. The members’ vote came after the organization’s board had approved the name change.

The group is now known as the Fulshear-Katy Area Chamber of Commerce.  The new tagline is “Proudly serving Fulshear, Katy, Simonton and the Tri-County area.”

Only one member voted against the name change, and chamber president Don McCoy says he does not know if that person wanted a different name or simply wanted to keep the original one. The final tally was 81 to 1.

Prior to the vote, members who attended the Tuesday morning meeting were updated on the organization’s growth since it launched in 2014.

More than 460 members have joined over the past four years, and about 60 percent of its members are located in the Fulshear, Katy, Simonton area. The remaining portion of its membership is situated in Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugar Land and other communities in the Greater Houston region, according to McCoy.

“I’m excited. I’m positive. I would never have thought four years ago that we would even have Katy in the name,” McCoy said. “I thought if anything Katy would be trying to jump into Fulshear.”

The larger Katy Area Chamber of Commerce reacted with support for the move.

“The Katy area and the Fulshear area both continue to grow, which is great news for businesses in West Houston, Katy and Fulshear,” said a statement provided by the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce. “The name change for the Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce is indicative of that growth. We wish them well and we are focused on doing what’s best for our members and the business community in the Katy area,” the statement also said.

Many people credit the welcoming environment McCoy has created for his organization’s quick growth.

“He’s just passionate about what he does and he’s personable,” said chamber board member Andrew Van Chau. “He represents us so well.  Also, he’s an organizer, like the Freedom Fest that we just had that was such a great success,” Chau said.

McCoy says his chamber will be rolling out an improved website in the next 60 to 90 days.

No matter how large the Fulshear-Katy Area Chamber of Commerce becomes, McCoy says he will always strive to keep the small and friendly feeling his members enjoy. He also says the horse logo will remain.

“We’ll also continue doing rope cuttings instead of ribbon cuttings,” McCoy said with his well-known jovial smile.


Courtesy FACC





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