Richmond FD Lays Mascot to Rest

Lady – Courtesy RFD

RICHMOND (Covering Fort Bend News) – On Dec. 19, Lady, the Richmond Fire Department Dalmatian mascot, was laid to rest.

“Lady was a dedicated public relations icon for the department and the city,” said Fire Chief Mike Youngblood.

Lady served for more than 14 years with the department, only the third Dalmatian mascot since 1982.  Her gentle temperament with young and old made her the perfect fire department representative.  She was always ready and willing to “strike a pose” for those who wanted to take a picture to capture their visit with the department.  Dawn Engeling, the Administrative Assistant, and Lady were usually the first to meet and greet those dropping by the station.

“Although it is hard to let go of one so loved, we had to say goodbye,” said Chief Youngblood. “From all at the Richmond Fire Department, We love you Lady Bug and will miss those warm greetings that we took for granted.”

Lady will be interred at the Richmond Fire Department Headquarters.  Her site will be marked with a plaque and picture with words noting her dependable dedication to the community.


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