Mayor Brawner Video Message to the City of Katy

CITY OF KATY (Covering Katy News) – The City of Katy is now moving to the clean-up phase of Hurricane Harvey.

Mayor Chuck Brawner recorded a video message to those who live within the boundaries of the city. He has provided vital information for residents. The video is below.

We have also posted supporting documentation beneath the video. Mayor Brawner addressed several issues and the documents beneath the video provide additional information.

If you are not sure if  you live within the boundaries of the City of Katy, we have also included a map for your review. Many local residents don’t realize that they may have a Katy address, but they don’t live within the boundaries of the City of Katy. We hope the map will clarify any questions that you may have concerning this issue.

PHOTO: The featured image shows how the rains of Harvey have eroded the ground beneath the railroad tracks in downtown Katy.  The tracks became a collection spot for floating debris. Photo by Dennis Crellen

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