LETTER TO THE EDITOR: School Board Member George Scott Endorses Gesoff and Massey

Dear Editor:

As recently as January 25, 2018, Katy I.S.D. hater Sean Dolan wrote Covering Katy’s Dennis Spellman that he was “seriously considering” running for the school board.

Apparently lacking the personal courage to confront personal rejection by the voters of this school district, he embarked upon a strategy of the slash and burn politics of personal destruction that has now escalated to an open attack upon an iconic namesake of this community.

Make no mistake about this. If Dolan’s tactics of personal vilification that we are continuing to see are successful, the politics of this community could be ruined forever with devastating impact on the stability of Katy I.S.D.

I am not going to regurgitate the details of his actions over the last weeks and months. Let’s cut to the bottom line of this matter.

Dolan, a genuine political bad seed, has demonstrated genuine cowardice in his decision not to pursue a political run for the school board in his own name. Rather, he has chosen to endorse two candidates in this year’s race: Scott Martin and Dawn Champagne. That’s not their fault.

However, it is unbelievable to me that two candidates for the Katy I.S.D. School Board would accept these endorsements without immediately and publicly repudiating, disavowing, or otherwise refusing to embrace the political support of an individual whose slash and burn poisonous politics threatens the operational and political stability of this district forever.

Any candidate – especially ones for the Katy I.S.D. School Board – that fails to repudiate any endorsement from Sean Dolan has silently decided to empower Sean Dolan.  By accepting his support in silence, a candidate accepts his tactics in silence.

Those who passionately love Katy I.S.D. including parents and teachers and staff members and community leaders should understand if the politics of Sean Dolan are successful when the votes are counted May 5, Katy I.S.D.’s best days will be in the rear view mirror.

This election is different from any election in the history of this district. If Sean Dolan is successful, there may be no turning back. The failure of two candidates to walk away immediately from this guy’s endorsement is not acceptable to me. Ultimately, the community has to make its choice.

I will be voting for Susan Gesoff and Don Massey. They have given me generous amounts of their time to discuss their backgrounds and their approach to public policy issues.  They will both be tremendous leaders for years to come if voters support them.

NOTE: While George Scott is a member of the Katy I.S.D. School Board, the viewpoints expressed in this letter to the editor are submitted as an individual.

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