Law Enforcement Cadets Graduate in Fort Bend County

Class members and instructors –  front row, from left, Jeffery Rodriquez, Hilary Bennett, Garrett Geissen, Dexter Escoto and Kerstan Hoover; Second row: Sheriff Troy Nehls, Sgt. Eddie Vaught, Sgt. Carlos Castillo, Wayne Barnes, Barry Williams, Jose Mazzoni, Jeffery Street, Joseph Hearne, Nicholas Hall, Jamie Baker, Sgt. Judy Cervenka and Capt. James Burger; Third row: Sgt. Casey Schmidt, Jeffery McDougle, David Evans, Aquin Clarke, Bradley Barrett, Benjamin Lieb, Jeremiah Kirk, Adam Richards and Lt. Jim Pokluda.

ROSENBERG (Covering Katy News) – We have more certified law enforcement officers ready to go on the street today. The 37th Class of the Gus George Law Enforcement Academy graduated Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018 at the Rosenberg Civic Center.

The 37th class included 19 graduates, all of whom passed the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Peace Officer Examination on their first attempt.

Cadets who successfully completed the program received 824 hours of training. Subjects included the Penal Code, Arrest Search and Seizure, Code of Criminal Procedure, Police Driving, Firearms Training, Traffic Stops, Criminal Investigations and much more.

The culmination of their training was two weeks of scenario-based training using simunitions (pistols with live paint rounds) where the cadets are placed in situations and they have to react and make decisions based on their knowledge and training from the academy.

Staff members at the academy include Academy Director James Burger, Academy Director; Lt. Jim Pokluda, Sgt. Carlos Castillo, Sgt. Judy Cervenka, Sgt. Eddie Vaught and Sgt. Casey Schmidt. Academy support staff members include Dottie Allen-Zumwalt and Donna Silewicz.

Captain Burger was the emcee for the ceremonies and Sheriff Troy Nehls presented certificates to the graduates.

Class members include: Aquin Clarke, Jeffery Rodriguez, Hilary Bennett, Garrett Geissen, Dexter Escoto, Kerstan Hoover, Wayne Barnes, Barry Williams, Jose Mazzoni, Jeffery Street, Joseph Hearne, Nicholas Hall, Jamie Baker, Jeffery McDougle, David Evans, Bradley Barrett, Benjamin Lieb, Jeremiah Kirk and Adam Richards

Several individual honors were presented to cadets.

Sgt. Vaught presented Cadet Benjamin Lieb with the Precision Driving Award. Sgt. Casey Schmidt presented Cadet Jeffery Street with the Physical Fitness Award.

Sgt. Judy Cervenka presented the Academic Award to Cadet Jeremiah Kirk.

Dexter Escoto received the Deputy David Braunholz “Top Gun Award.” The presentation was made by Sgt. Carlos Castillo and Bobby Braunholz, the son of David Braunholz. The award is in honor of Sheriff’s Office Deputy David Braunholz, who died in the line of duty.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office Color Guard presented the colors; Dr. Chris Hopf, Sheriff’s Office Chaplain, presented the invocation; Cadet Jeffery S. Rodriguez led the Pledge of Allegiance; and Captain James Burger made the introductions

Lt. Jim Pokluda introduced the Class Officers. They included Aquin C. Clarke, President; Jeffery S. Rodriguez, Vice President; Kerstan S. Hoover, Secretary/Treasurer; and Guidon Bearer, Jeffrey S. McDougle.




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