Katy Teacher Instructed There Is No God According To Student Testimony (Video)

KATY (Covering Katy) – A straight-A seventh grade Katy Independent School District student says she and her classmates were instructed that God is not real, and those who disagreed had their grades docked. According to the child, the examination on the existence of God was administered Monday, Oct. 26, 2015, in a West Memorial Junior High School reading class.

“We were asked to take a poll to say whether God was fact, opinion or a myth, and she (the teacher) told anyone who said God was a fact or an opinion that they were wrong,” said seventh grade student Jordan Wolley.

According to the student’s mother, the exam accounts for about 40 percent of her daughter’s grade in the reading class, but her daughter and several other students were not willing to disavow God even if it hurt their grades.

Mom Chantel Wooley told Covering Katy she had no idea how a reading teacher could inject God into the curriculum unless it was because the teacher had her own agenda.

“This did not come from a workbook. The kids don’t have workbooks in this class,” Wooley said.

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Jordan Wooley took her concerns to the Katy ISD school board on Monday night. At the Monday night meeting she said, “Today I was given an assignment in school that questioned my faith and told me that God was not real.”

“Another child had asked the teacher if we could try to put what we believe on the paper, and she (the teacher) said you can if you want to get it wrong,” Wooley said.

Wolley spoke during the public comments portion of the school board meeting; she was not an invited guest. Wooley wanted the board and Superintendent Alton Frailey to hear what she says happened earlier in the day. The soft spoken, polite seventh-grader did not use a script. At times she looked at her cellphone where there were notes, but she later told her mother that she could not see what she’d written because of a glare from the glass.

“She wanted to say more,” her mother said.

Wooley says her class was not the only group that received the lesson that God is not real. She says the same teacher taught several other classes on Monday which included the same instructions about God.

It appears the teacher was not following Katy ISD’s curriculum, because West Memorial Junior High students who have a different reading teacher said God was never mentioned in their class, according to Wooley.

“I know it wasn’t just me that was effected by it. My friend went home and started crying,” Wooley told the school board.

“I’m truly sorry that you feel that your faith was questioned,” said superintendent Alton Frailey.

“What’s going on is that the principal was made aware of this today and is going to have a chance to work on that as per district policies and procedures. We definitely will look into that. Thank you very much. It was very brave of you. Thank you, honey. Good job,” Frailey added.

By 8 a.m. Tuesday, Chantel Wooley said her daughter was called into the principal’s office to presumably talk about what transpired Monday. The mother was not invited to be with her daughter during the questioning, so at the time she spoke with Covering Katy there was no word on what was discussed at the meeting.

Chantel Wooley says the teacher is very intimidating.

“She (the teacher) told the kids from day one that she has a ballistic side that they don’t want to see,” she said.

“It makes me sick,” she said.

Click below for the unedited video of seventh grade student Jordan Wooley’s address to the Katy ISD School Board.


  1. Thanks Kelly. I’d forgotten that I’d written that response.
    Dennis Spellman

  2. Dennis to this point of my reading comments on this story your comments are the most cogent of the lot. I find it amazing how a story such as this one can degenerate into a war of beliefs and sophomoric name-calling. I am a Christian, but I would never exchange mean insults with others. The only thing that transpires from such exchanges is bringing a stain upon the name of God. I have read the scriptures and we are told plainly that persecutions will come. That those without Christ will think us fools. Somewhere I read that the girl and her mother should have met with the principle and teacher to get at what happened and at least give the teacher to give her side. That might result only in “She said” and “I said” but at the very least the mother could have said that she did not want her daughters grades to be affected because of her honestly held beliefs. Personally, I feel somewhat qualified because while in college my high “B” magically became a low “D” in a matter of a week. It became evident, I should not have called out the professor (aka History Department Chair) for stating Pauline teachings contradicted Jesus’ own teaching.

  3. Once again, Christianity is under attack. If this were an inner-city child who was told that Mohammad is a myth and Islam is not real, Obama would have sent an emissary to Katy, Texas forthwith. Since it is Christianity, well the White House is silent (strange how the president recently wished the muslims of the world “happy ramadan” but has yet to utter the words “Merry Christmas.”
    Why shouldn’t Jordan Wooley believe in God. She lives in a state that has a city named Corpus Christi (Body of Christ). She utilizes American currency emblazoned with the phrase “In God We Trust” and if she is a true Christian (which I have NO DOUBT) she pledges allegiance to “one nation under God.”
    Even without her environment being seeped in American culture/values attesting to the existence of God, this brave young lady has EVERY RIGHT to attest to her Faith and voice her beliefs as evidenced by the FIRST AMENDENTMENT OF THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. Not only should the teacher be terminated immediately, she should also be prosecuted under federal statutes for prohibiting free speech (especially since the entire conversation was not sanctioned under the school curriculum). One such case will stop Christian-bashing liberals in the American education system from spreading their odious and hateful propaganda.
    Before anyone writes me off as one of the God-fearing, gun-toting Bible-thumpers “clinging to their guns and religion” for supporting Ms. Wooley, be advised: I have lived in New York all my life, I do not subscribe to ANY organized religion and I do not own a gun.
    I say to Jordan Wooley: “Stand proud, stay strong and your FAITH will carry you through.”

  4. Aaron,

    I don’t know if you are an angry person, a trash-talker, or simply not very well read. This story has not only been reported by Covering Katy, it’s been reported by all the major media outlets in Houston, and the national media.

    Also, the population of Katy ISD is not small as you’ve implied by calling this area “back-woods.” According to the school district – which is quoting the Economic Development Council – the Katy area is now larger than Pittsburgh, PA. That too has been reported in the local media, including the Houston Chronicle. I’m surprised you have not read those accounts.

    What you may not understand is that when people talk about the generic “Katy,” they are referring to the Katy area not just the City of Katy. I suggest you go to the Katy Area Economic Development Council web site and get educated on the size and diversity of the Katy area. The school district web site provides the same information. It seems you are a real fan of the school district so perhaps you’d feel most comfortable with their numbers.

    Your claim about “back-woods” reporting by Covering Katy is also false. I say – tongue firmly in cheek – it is not even a “common assertion.” Read my bio if you have any questions. You apparently know how to read, but I’m guessing you just don’t read very often.

    Your claims about Katy being “back-woods” also sound very elitist. That attitude goes hand in hand with your apparent political opinions. I’m proud of Katy. It is unlike any other place I’ve lived. When the neighborhood kids are playing football in my front yard there are children of numerous worldwide backgrounds, all playing, having fun, and getting along. My Cinco Ranch neighborhood is full of good kids and good parents. The parents are professionals from all over the world. There is nothing back-woods about Katy.

    The reason people are upset is because, if what is said is true, it appears the lesson was used as a poorly designed, backdoor attempt to teach that there is no God. All the rest of the arguments are a distraction from the real issue of whether this lesson was an attempt to get students to question their faith. Why use God as an example? You could use any number of examples for the classroom work.

    I also find it interesting that non-believers always ask believers to prove there is a God. If I’m asked, I’ll put the burden of proof back on the person questioning me. I say to the non-believers, prove there isn’t a God.

    Dennis Spellman
    Covering Katy

  5. Stating whether there is a god is fact, common assertion or opinion has nothing to do at all with instructing there is no god. Sadly, I expect JUST this kind of backwoods backwards reporting from a small town in Texas. I’d be far more surprised if this was actually reported properly.

  6. As a college teacher in Texas who got my PhD from UT Austin, I have run into problems with religious issues as well as in school and outside of school. I found it helpful for me to teach the history of the development of religious tolerance in colonial America as a research paper project. I learned a great deal I did not know. It took such a long time for America to develop the principle of religious tolerance. My students taught me about Anne Hutchinson who taught as a woman among early Puritans and was censured by the male ministers for giving Bible lessons in her home because she was a woman. I learned about a jury in England who acquitted a man being judged for heresy to the Anglican church and the judge threw both the man and the entire jury in jail for defying the church of England. Then there is dear Issac Newton having to keep his work on Alchemy and his disbelief in the Trinity a secret or be fired from Cambridge. All professors at Trinity College had to sign a pledge that they believed in the Trinity in order to teach there in Newton’s day. Newton was a devout Christian but totally unorthodox. He wrote more on the Bible than he did on science. But many scientists scorn his alchemical studies. But Newton was not exactly stupid. Sometimes if we can discuss faith issues as history, we begin to see the problems more clearly. One of the greatest scientific minds of modern history could not share his religious beliefs. There is such a long, long history to religious conflict which still rages today, we need to better understand it and the problems it causes in our schools and government. I love Carl Jung’s answer when he was asked if he believed in God. Jung was one of the pioneers of modern psychology and a student of myth and world religions. Jung answered, I do not need to believe, I know. Jung had an amazing out of body near death experience during a serious illness. I read part of it to my Sophomore literature class. In my student evaluations, some of my students suggested I was crazy or on drugs. However if we teach religious issues through their impact on history or comparing different cultures or cultural leaders like Jung or Newton, I think we get past some of the personal arguments and realize how harmful religious prejudice can be and how harmful religious intolerance has been in the past and can still be in the present. I still ran into trouble with my Baptist students because I refused to say “God bless you” after they sneezed. I asked instead Are you all right. But because I did not use the B word, they judged me as an infidel. I don’t think such coded tests for teachers are appropriate in a public classroom even though I am a devout Christian and mystic.

  7. for everyone who thinks the teacher is right and the little girl is a liar is wrong! There is no reason at all for a teacher to question, defy it even put a child in spot about their faith. This is he United States of America and we were founded on biblical principles. One nation under GOD! In GOD we trust. If this would have been a situation that questioned Islam or Muslim religion it wouldn’t be a big deal because it seems like our nation will bow to any religion and allow others to be freely religious in front of others, but you have Christians who stand up for what is true and stand up for Jesus and they are put down. Well all I have to say is you go little girl! Shans up for Jesus because he loves you, and he loves each of you!

  8. Jordan Wooley is a little liar. My wife is a teacher at that school and 11 interviewed students and they all said the same thing. The assignment was not a grade as Jordan said, it was not going to appear on a test as Jordan said, the teacher did not call it a Myth as Jordan said. Jordan Wooley got ticked off when the teacher said that statement was not a fact because Jordan says she has known people who have died and been brought back and they say they’ve met God and Jesus so it’s a fact. No kids were crying. No kids were throwing things off the desk. A Christian has their faith tested throughout their life, they don’t go throwing a hissy fit about it every time. Jordan Wooley is a liar, plain and simple. A good Christian liar.

  9. The libs are out in force! Keep on keeping on Author, you speak for the majority of the US, not the Libs! 🙂

  10. A very revealing set of comments. Apparently avoiding preaching about God, or in this case no God, in a government funded school is “challenging”, determining that 90% or people, who you have never met, believe that God is not real, and a parent trying to protect her child from teacher abuse is clearly a racist. Thankfully, these are not the type of perspectives that this country was founded upon. Unfortunately, they are an indications of where we are heading.

  11. “There is a God” is categorically an asseration and neither a fact nor an opinion. To call something a fact it has to be verifiable, which the accuracy of that statement is not. Sorry, you’re wrong and you need to get over it. This teacher was correct, and I suspect most of the girl’s statement was just made up.

  12. Larry, pretty sure your unsound reasoning applies to you as well. Have you ever heard of “innocent until proven guilty”?

    Sounds like you’re yet another paranoid victim-obsessed person too dumb or insecure to recognize their own malformed reasoning and double-standards.

  13. The worksheet says “assertion”, which is objectively the correct answer. There is no mention of the word myth except in the girl’s statement, which is fishy at best.

    This sounds like Christians once again exaggerating a situation to act like victims. Either that or they’re simply not well educated enough to understand the difference between myth and assertion.

  14. Perhaps? You think so? This is outrageous and I say this as an agnostic that totally supports freedom of religion! Schools don’t need to teach anything more than “hey, religion exists”! Then move on and for Gods (metaphorically speaking) sake stop teaching the pillars of Islam! The worst…grades were to be effected if the kids disagreed with this volatile teacher.

  15. James you are a pathetic troll and being adverse here simply for the sake of being so.

    The teacher told the kids that they would get a failing grade if they did not acknowledge God as a myth. If his/her career is in jeopardy because of this (unlikely) then perhaps this teacher felt it was worth the risk.

    Your comments include references to race….??? That is not an issue here at all.

    You refer to the mother and child as “so called”. Really? This suggests that you have doubts that they really are mother and daughter?

    Your condescending comments only show that you are an ignorant, liberal troll who is attempting to look intelligent.

    God bless you.

  16. Teachers are certainly not allowed to proselytize FOR the Christian faith and if one did, an atheist child’s parents would probably be front and center complaining and based on past incidents, the Freedom From Religion group would come sniffing around. So a teacher who actively tries to make a child DENY her faith or suffer academic consequences should be scrutinized and penalized in a similar manner.

  17. I’m having a hard time believing that the teacher taught ANYTHING that was not on the required page for the day. Teachers don’t teach anymore, they regurgitate what their “instructional coach” hands them in the way of a curriculum manual complete with work sheets, sometimes, that say “Common Core” at the bottom of them. Teachers all over the District are all on the same page every day teaching the same things from the same on-line curriculum manuals.

    I have pointed out the flaws of the Katy ISD curriculum for over 25 years. No one wants to listen. Go to my website (www.ExposingKatyISD.com) and read the articles on it under “KatyISD” and KMAC and CSCOPE.

    This family needs to contact The Liberty Institute and Kelly Shackelford. This organization is well acquainted with Katy ISD, having won a case in the past: (This is from their web site: “Pounds v. Katy I.S.D.
    A Houston-area school district banned religious items at Christmas
    and Valentine’s Day cards that contained religious content,
    merely because they were religious. When one student was asked
    what Easter meant to her, she was told that she could not say,
    “Jesus.” A federal court held that the Katy I.S.D. violated the
    students’ constitutional rights because of its hostility to religion.”)

    There appears to be precedent for Katy ISD’s “hostility to religion.”

  18. When you dole out grades based on what you want to hear…in an EXTREMELY subjective manner, you have no business teaching. Think of how angry you would be, Mr. O’neal, if the teacher were docking atheist or agnostic kids , for saying they didn’t believe in any deity.

  19. Laura, were YOU there? did you KNOW the teacher did NOT say “myth” – you were NOT then SHUT UP !! This religious infringement of faith is AGAINT the LAW – that is the FACT !!

  20. GOD is NOT a part of a curriculum, and SHOULD NOT be addressed. – Then it won’t be “challenging” to teach – as you say it is. Should a Teacher say, Christ is the way the truth and the light and all those who disagree will get a failing grade? that is the EXACT opposite of what this Teacher did. – This Teacher should be disciplined – her agenda is NOT the schools agenda!

  21. James Oneal, can you please show me where you got your 90% figure from? 71% of Americans identify as Christian.

  22. Myth [mith]
    a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation, especially one that is concerned with deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite, or phenomenon of nature.

    Anyone heard of mythology? It’s full of gods.

  23. Are you serious.
    This woman’s career means nothing compared to the faith of a child.
    Your thinking is completely backwards.
    You are warned to “not be a part of the world” but to “be in it”.
    Do you think the material possessions and money from the career hold any real value. We are talking about the girl’s soul here and twisted, deranged, hateful teacher who never should have made this far in her career. Her career isn’t to go bashing the beliefs of others. For you to belittle the emotions and trauma this girl went through due to the woman’s career being harmed makes you a real backwards thinker.

  24. This makes me sick.. How do teachers like this have the ability to function let alone get up in the morning and have the nerve to ask such question. This was obviously set out to be a negative and demeaning situation for those who have faith/relationship with GOD. I sincerely hope this mother will continue to present this to the media! This should be put as an example of crossing the line. I would like to know what this teacher believes in and where her faith is (or if she has any faith). Very obvious this assignment made by this teacher was biased, and that these children were only allowed to have one side opinion stated and that was the opinion of this unprofessional and non-compassionate example of horse manure. KTISD should have this fully investigated and not just have the principal sort this matter. Some of us so called “professionals” need to be re-educated to what is appropriate to teach our children.

  25. It sounds like the teacher is a frustrated whacko who doesn’t want to teach the basics but need to drill her ideology into little children.

  26. The title is “Katy Teacher Instructed There Is No God According To Student Testimony.” Her testimony and comments her mother made in a interview back up that the child believes the teacher was pushing an agenda that there is no God. The title is simply stating what the student said.

  27. If the teacher did what is stated then yes that’s wrong but how about if it was the other way around? How would Katy people feel if a teacher was talking about a certain God being real? I’m sure many would be for the teacher preaching about God which I figured out when this happened to me: http://www.rawstory.com/2013/09/texas-student-wins-scholarship-after-outing-teacher-for-comparing-atheism-to-smoking/ Let’s remember both sides are wrong. Preaching to students that there is a God is just as wrong as preaching to a student that there isn’t. I would also like to see the teacher’s lesson plan for that day because there is a chance that the teacher was teaching about myths which we learned in school. There is a chance the student took it way out of context but there is an equal chance that what the student said was true.

  28. I was thinking about this… and decided that it was a good thing I wasn’t a board member there… because she wouldn’t like me very well… I would tell her that since she made her own rules, that I would too… I would have a TA be with her for an entire week to make sure she followed instructions… and the teacher would be made to wear a GOD IS REAL T-shirt all week long. And she would have to address each class saying she was wrong and God is real. If she chose not to do it…. well I would dock her yearly salary 40% ….. bahahaha

  29. I mean Christians literally believe that a virgin gave birth to a jewish carpenter. How is that not myth? What makes your religion the right one and not Norse mythology. If the test said Odin is real, would you guys complain about that too? Oh thats right, your god is the right one out of 4500 gods. SMH

  30. Why don’t you try and teach and see how challenging it is to be in this teachers place. It’s so easy to say that when in reality more than 90% of the kids disagree with that one child. This is probably a racist parent or a stay at home mom who is has nothing better to do than to blame others for her own unhappiness.

  31. To Erika: thanks for setting the record straight!

    And FYI to the earlier questioner, a common elementary-into-middle-school literacy skill is distinguishing fact, opinion, commonplace assertions in both fiction and non-fiction texts.

  32. It is very sad to see how one student can have so much control to ruin one persons career. The problem is these parents that have nothing better to do than to try and ruin a persons career because of what their child says without having any remorse on a teachers life. I am not saying the teacher was not wrong but the parent could have met with the principal or the teacher itself and allowed an explanation instead of going to the media directly and the board to try and humiliate the teacher. I am sure if this teacher would have been the right color or been part of the click it would be a different story. These teachers have a lot going on and frankly they walk on egg shells every second. They went to 4 years of college I think they deserve a little respect instead of just throwing them under the bus or at least an opportunity to explain. Teachers make mistakes and college does not teach you everything. Even in the teachers contract they are so broad that it leaves much room for misunderstanding. This child can possibly have ruined a teachers entire career or entire life. What if this is a first year teacher again people are human please people have some remorse. This so called mother and daughter say they believe in God well how about practice what you preach and think of the human you may have just ruined. God is great and if the teacher was in the right he or she will be okay but it’s insane how a mother would allow a child to go across the board and possibly ruin someone. One day your daughter will make a mistake or your grand daughter and you will appreciate an opportunity to explain instead of just being on the news. God be with this child and this mother because they are the true people that need Jesus.

  33. The teacher never used the word “myth”. The choice was “common assertion”. That is accurate and makes no claim that God does or does not exist. Your article, including the title, is at least inaccurate and perhaps even sensationalist. Poor reporting.

  34. What a brave young lady! She was obviously taught well by her parents. This teacher should be suspended at least. How unethical to push her personal agenda on kids for a grade! This wasn’t just a comment to the class it was forced onto them for a grade. That’s ridiculous. What does that teach our kids? I have kids now in Katy ISD & have for 15+ years. I miss the small Katy as it has changed tremendously but we have had a pretty good experience. This is unexceptable & she should get more than a slap on the hand. I can assure you with her agenda these poor kids will be treated unfair for standing up so where does that leave them? They are the priority not the teacher! I will pray to God that she has remorse for her poor judgement.

  35. My little sister is in the same class as this girl, and says this isn’t what happened at all. She told me they were learning about “Commonplace Assertions” and the teacher said, “an example of a commonplace assertion is the argument of ‘There isn’t a God” and there was no “exam grade” taken from this, it was part of the lesson. Forgive me if I’m incorrect, I’m just sharing my little sister’s side of the story.

  36. This teacher is a bully and isnt fit to teach. She abused her position to promote her agenda through fear and intimidation. She isn’t fit to teach, she needs to be fired.

  37. All religions do not begin in myth. In your opinion it may, but that’s what makes it an opinion. Faith is not a beilef in something unproven. It is in fact the belief that something has enough proth as to be true. We have faith that the speed of light is known even though the majjority of people have neither the education or experience in testing it. they have been told what we believe it to be, show information in books and accepted it. Very little “fact” in the process. For those who believe, they have had either personal experience or learned enough to accept their beliefs as fact. They have faith in their knowledge. Now you may argue with them, but you cannot disprove their person experience.

  38. For years we have seen the religion upon which this country was founded under attack. The framers said there would be separation not warfare when it came to religion.

    At least this teacher was honest and brought to the fore front what we have known but were P. C. ed enough not to discuss, our faith IS under attack and it is coming from a governmental source, e.g. our Katy ISD.

    Of course this is not the official position of the district nor is it the opinion of the teachers who work there with at least one exception but probably not many more. Never the less this needs to be nipped in the bud.

    I don’t want this teacher fired but she/he needs a bit of remedial training on what is acceptable behavior in the classroom.

    Now lets get back to the important stuff, e.g. Katy football or something other such thing.

  39. Vickie,

    We understand that there are two sides to every story. The district does not EVER respond to our questions. The district is certainly not going to make the teacher available to Covering Katy. In fact, if the board and the Superintendent’s comments were not made in a public forum we wouldn’t have any comments to report at all. That being said, if the teacher wants to contact Covering Katy on her own we are happy to print her response. Otherwise we have no way to reach her. She can email me directly at dspellman@coveringkaty.com

    Dennis Spellman

  40. I applaud the young lady for making this public. I pray that God ( FACT not myth nor opinion) intervenes with this teacher before it is to late. The audacity of a teacher to do this in a public school just blows my mind. Bravo to all the parents that have been teaching their children that God is a fact because it sounds like the students put up a lot of opposition to this assignment.

  41. I’m having trouble understanding why this falls within the realm of Reading. Philosophy, Logic, or Debate I can see but those are also tossed out if the teacher did say that fact or opinion is wrong.

  42. There is at least one other side to this story. Was an attempt made to interview the teacher? I also find the title and the situation as described to be different. It sickens me that anyone would judge KISD on this article. My experience has been exactly the opposite as there have been too many “god is real” discussions through the years that I have had to explain to my child. I would prefer more balanced reporting but frankly have never found that in a Katy publication.

  43. Really? Why? You say you’ve lived here 5 years likes it’s a long time. I’ve lived here over 25 and it has changed a great deal but still one of the best school districts in the state and most certainly the best in the Houston area. IF your stepson doesn’t even attend public school, what is your statement or judgment even based on? Ignorant statement.

  44. Katy ISD is actually a well respected school district in the state. Although I believe Catholic school is wonderful, most schools in KISD are equal or superior to most private schools in the Houston area. This teacher obviously has an agenda and needs to be dealt with by her administration. She is certainly not the typical KISD teacher.

  45. Covering Katy disagrees with the assertion that our headline is not correct. The definition of myth is “a widely held but false belief or idea.” If the teacher is telling the kids that a belief in God is false, she’s teaching them that there is no God. -Dennis Spellman

  46. Covering Katy disagrees with the assertion that our headline is not correct. The definition of myth is “a widely held but false belief or idea.” If the teacher is telling the kids that a belief in God is false, she’s teaching them that there is no God. -Dennis Spellman

  47. We live in Katy, have for 5 years. My stepson attends Catholic elementary, but my grandchildren may be coming to live with us. We will be moving away from this school system next year.

  48. Hmm…

    Perhaps the teacher pushed the envelope too far (for 7th grade minds at least) to try to illustrate the difference between a fact, an opinion, or a myth…

    But calling a belief in a deity a myth is not inaccurate. Even your article uses the term “faith” – which puts this squarely in the “myth” category. You are assuming “myth” = false, but that’s not necessarily correct. All religions (since the beginning of time) are part of “mythology” or “mythos”… including current ones.

    Understanding that it requires faith to believe in a deity is not blasphemous or wrong in any way. And since it requires faith, it cannot be classified as fact.

    Also, calling it myth is NOT the same as the headline of your article (“There is no god”) states.

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