Katy Strong Due to Katy Heart

Eskinder Solomon, Erin Jorgenson, Randy Brown, Elisa Souza, and Emily Veiga - CK photo


KATY (Covering Katy News) – Thousands of families in Katy have suffered devastation brought by the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey, but through tragedy has come a bond shared only by those who, together, survived a traumatic event. There is a friendship forming among neighbors who just one month ago did not know each other. Friendships are building, one kind act at a time.

“We just walk through the neighborhoods and offer our neighbors drinks and snacks, said Elisa Souza who lives in the Park Trace subdivision located within the Equestrian Village section of Cinco Ranch. It is a neighborhood that sits next to Barker Reservoir and was among the first to flood.

“Sometimes they need a hand picking up things in the house, and we help with that too,” Souza said.

In this time of need, neighbors have been feeding each other, supporting each other, sharing their homes with each other, and lending a helping hand in any way possible.

“Before this flooding, I didn’t know many of my neighbors and many of them would just drive by and not even waive or say good morning, and now we have everybody trying to help each other,” said Souza

“We didn’t flood so we feel as though we need to come through here and help the people who did flood. We do what we can every Saturday,” said Erin Jorgenson. She teamed up with Souza, Eskinder Solomon, and 11-year-old Emily Veiga. They utilized a baby stroller and a dolly to carry water and snacks to anyone who would accept their gift of kindness.

“We’re very grateful,” said Randy Brown of Cypress. He’s been in Katy helping his mother recover. It’s a big job. When offered water and a snack he accepted with open arms and a big smile. He said it’s not the first time neighbors have done something thoughtful.

“There have been a lot of cars coming through offering snacks, sandwiches, and water,” Brown said.

Kindness during a turbulent time has allowed Brown to appreciate those who live in his mother’s Katy neighborhood.

“Sometimes you don’t stop and think about what’s going on, and when these people come by and offer water and snacks you just reflect on the great people here in Katy, in Houston, and in Texas,” Brown added.

“Before this, we only knew our next-door neighbor. Now we’ve bonded with so many other people too,” said Veiga. She plans to her join other volunteer friends and deliver water and snacks again next Saturday, but their efforts won’t stop there.

“We are planning a barbeque in two weeks, and we are going to try to find people who will help out with donations,” Souza said.

They are hoping for donations so that there will be enough food to feed lunch to everyone in the neighborhood.

Hurricane Harvey kept returning with round after round of rain. Now we’re seeing neighbors returning to help neighbors with round after round of aid.

The rain has stopped, but the flood is not over in Katy. A few days ago our streets were filled with water; now they’re flooded with support for those in need.

Barbeque Donation information:
Donors can contact Elisa Souza at 832-746-8031 or by the Neighborhood’s Cinco Ranch Equestrian Village Resident’s Facebook page.