Judge George Names Interim Emergency Management Coordinator

Mark Flathouse

RICHMOND (Covering Katy News) – Fort Bend County Fire Marshal Mark Flathouse will be the county’s Interim Emergency Management Coordinator at the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) starting on January 2. He was selected for the position by Fort Bend County Judge K.P. George.

“Emergency Management is a top responsibility in which we must constantly strive to innovate and improve,” George said. “Fire Marshal Flathouse will work to prepare a long-term, forward-thinking vision that strives to improve our communication with the public, coordinate better with partner entities, and build community confidence in an effective emergency management operation.”

With this change, Interim Emergency Management Coordinator Mark Flathouse will begin conducting an analysis to comprehensively evaluate the current situation and map the strategic outlook of the department within the first 100 days of the new George administration.

Mark Flathouse has been Fort Bende County Fire Marshal since 2013. He holds a Master of Criminal Justice Management and Leadership from Sam Houston State University, a Bachelor of Emergency Management Administration graduating Cum Laude from West Texas A&M, and an Associate of  Fire Protection Technology from Austin Community College.


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