Fort Bend Officials Continue to Monitor the Brazos River – VIDEO

FORT BEND COUNTY (Covering Katy News) – The Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management continues to monitor the Brazos river after the recent rains. The river is expected to crest today and then begin to recede rapidly.

Low lying areas along the river may continue to see minor flooding.

The river’s forecast crest level of 45 feet is about 10-feet lower than both Hurricane Harvey and Memorial Day in 2016, and 5 feet lower than Memorial Day and Tax Day flooding in 2015.

The Office of Emergency Management is monitoring the river, bridges, critical infrastructure, and neighborhoods along the river.

Fort Bend EOM staff conducted overflights of the Simonton area to determine any threat to the public, observing that drainage systems are functioning as designed, and crews from the Fort Bend County Drainage District are working diligently to clear ditches before the river rises further. Video from that trip can be found above.

Projected Brazos River Levels. Courtesy Fort Bend County




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