Energy savings leads to rebate for Fort Bend County

Pictured Left to Right: Jamie Knight, FBC Facilities Director; Fort Bend County Judge Bob Hebert; Jaime Kovar, FBC Assistant Purchasing Agent; Debra Jones, Schneider Electric Sr. Energy Solutions Specialist; Chase Raska, Schneider Electric Customer Project Manager; Justin Zwahr, FBC Facilities Maintenance Manager-Photo provided

FORT BEND COUNTY (Covering Katy News)  – Schneider Electric employees presented Fort Bend County with an $18,780 rebate for its participation in an innovative multi-phase energy efficiency project with Schneider Electric. Fort Bend County and Schneider Electric recently completed the third phase of the project, which will improve the performance of the County’s jail facilities.

The previous two project phases successfully lowered the County’s utility bills, reduced maintenance expenses, and generated savings to fund major mechanical and electrical renovations throughout the jail without transferring the cost to the community. Notable improvements that have modernized the jail facilities include:

  • Retrofitting lighting with state of the art, long life LED technology
  • Replacing antiqued mechanical equipment
  • Updating the building automation system (BAS) for better control and efficiency
  • Optimizing water fixtures to reduce consumption

The completed energy efficiency project will generate approximately $8.2 million in energy savings over the life of the project. Additionally, the project is expected to reduce Fort Bend County’s utility budget, saving more than $233,581 in annual energy costs.

“Our partnership with Schneider shows that properly structured public-private partnerships can be extremely beneficial to both public and private partners. Taxpayers will receive significant savings in the cost of jail utilities for many years to come,” said Fort Bend County Judge Bob Hebert.


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