An Important Message to Katy ISD Employees and Parents

The dirty work of a small group of bad political seeds is not stopping in Katy. First, they attacked our teachers and administrators with secret recordings. Now they are pressuring the sponsors of Covering Katy in an attempt to put us out of business and silence truthful reporting about their tactics.

There is no dirty trick that they won’t use to undermine our school district and make its employees live in fear. Because Covering Katy is shining the light on their tactics, we are now receiving the same treatment as our teachers and administrators.

There was a time when people simply disagreed on the issues, but these folks seek to destroy lives, reputations, and our school district.

Our sponsors have been receiving bothersome phone calls and untruthful emails in an attempt to frighten them from advertising with Covering Katy.  

Classroom teachers and administrators have been secretly recorded in search of gotcha moments designed to ruin the careers of Katy’s professional educators.  They use their recordings to mock, malign and otherwise embarrass those who simply put on their clothes every day and go to work to educate our children. They will not stop unless one media outlet is shining daylight on their dirty tactics. The only thing that stands journalistically between Katy ISD employees and these political bad seeds is Covering Katy News.

Say no to those who flash holsters at school board meetings, tell lies and attack classroom teachers with secret recordings. Their leader, Sean Dolan said that his next target will be Katy ISD administrators. He’s also recently printed deceptive information about a universally loved Katy ISD namesake.

For us to continue reporting the truth we need your support. The other media have already shown that they won’t report when these folks do questionable things such as obtaining nearly 60,000 names and addresses of our schoolchildren.

We are always here telling the truth whether others do so or not, but we won’t be here much longer if we don’t drastically increase our subscriber base. You have it in your hands to guarantee Covering Katy is always here reporting fairly and truthfully.

Real gutsy journalism is hard to find and worth supporting. Our sponsors are standing tall with us, but we need you too. Support us now so when the next attack happens you can look to us for the truth. If Katy ISD has done something wrong, we’ll report it as we’ve done in the past, but we’re not in the business of smear campaigns to generate readers. If you want us here in the future, support us today.

To those who have already subscribed, we thank you more than words can describe.

You can put an end to this nonsense by subscribing right this minute. Don’t delay. Do it now!

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Thank you,
Dennis Spellman


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