F-Trump Driver Purposely Puts Herself Back in the Spotlight


ROSENBERG (Covering Katy News) – Fresh out of jail after being arrested for an outstanding warrant for fraudulent use or possession of identifying information, the F-Trump woman has added an additional group of people that she’s targeting with a vulgar message on her truck’s rear window. Now, she’s also focused on the Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls and everyone who voted for him. We know this because she’s posted it on her Facebook page for everyone to see.

Fonseca latest message says “F–k Troy Nehls and f–k you for voting for him.” This is in addition to the old message that remains on her back window that says F–k Trump and f–k you for voting for him.

Her Facebook page is packed with anti-trump images including rolling toilet paper with Trump’s face on it.  The primary image on her Facebook page shows the pickup truck’s F-you message to President Trump and his voters.

Karen Fonseca has not been charged with any crime for her off-color messages, and the District Attorney has reportedly said she can’t be successfully prosecuted if she was charged. Fonseca’s arrest came from an allegation that was made back in 2015.   Felony fraud charges were not filed until last summer. The charges are not connected to the F-you controversy.

The F-you messages are directed at a lot of people given that nearly half of those who voted in the last presidential election cast ballots for Trump, and slightly more than half of all those who voted in Fort Bend County cast ballot for Troy Nehls.

The controversy started when Nehls posted a personal Facebook message asking the previously unknown driver of the pickup truck to contact him. At the time Nehls claimed to have a prosecutor who was willing to charge Fonseca with disorderly conduct due to the off-color message. Since that time the District Attorney has reportedly indicated he would not accept charges because the case would be difficult to win.

See Nehls Facebook post below.

Courtesy Facebook



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