EDITORIAL: School Board Leadership Strikes Huge Blow to its Critics

The Katy School board, from left: Member George Scott, secretary Ashley Vann, president Courtney Doyle, superintendent Ken Gregorski, vice president Bill Lacy, member Dawn Champagne, member Susan Gesoff, member Rebecca Fox. Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman


Jan. 14, 2019, will soon be looked at as the day when Katy ISD recaptured control of its own destiny, and we have the school board’s leadership team to thank for it.

President Courtney Doyle, vice president Bill Lacy, and secretary Ashley Vann were unwavering in their insistence that Katy ISD hire Ken Gregorski as its superintendent, and in doing so they saved this community from several more months of manufactured turmoil over who would be the next superintendent.

As we’ve now learned from Gregorski’s exclusive interview with Covering Katy, he has the experience, skill set and track record to do the job. We also learned that he has a long history with Katy ISD both as a manager and a parent. He is unquestionably the right person at the right time to complete the objectives set forth in the district’s five-year strategic plan — a plan he’s been a big part of developing for the past two years.

There was never any need to conduct a national search, and Doyle, Vann, and Lacy withstood a withering assault over weeks by the Houston Chronicle that culminated with a flawed editorial titled “Katy ISD, this is no way to hire a superintendent.”

The Chronicle was wrong on every point, especially when it incorrectly told readers that Gregorski had not been interviewed for the job. It’s a mistake the Chronicle has refused to correct.

Then there is the group called A Better Legacy and its antics of advertising the superintendent’s job opening to a worldwide audience by stealing the district’s logo and portraying itself as a human resources agent for the district. Had Doyle, Lacy, and Vann caved to the pressure of those who wanted a national search, A Better Legacy would still be in full-fledged attack mode. There is no question that A Better Legacy would have sought to drag the process out beyond the May election in hopes that its leader, who is running for school board, would get elected and be part of the selection process of our next superintendent.

It is well past time to end the nonsense. How many more times do our wives have to be targeted by this group? How many more times do we have to sit back and watch A Better Legacy malign Katy ISD namesake O.D. Tompkins with provably false, racially charged allegations. If the Chronicle wants to be on the side of racism they need only continue supporting A Better Legacy.

Last night A Better Legacy had three representatives at the school board meeting. That’s all they could muster. Three individuals who don’t have an ounce of allegiance to the truth. They live in a world where assumptions are facts, and nothing need be verified. A few weeks ago they could muster less than 20 people for one of their meetings, even with the enticement of free barbeque for anyone who dared showed up.

Meanwhile, the leadership of Doyle, Lacy, and Vann rose to the occasion and turned a divided board into a united board in support of Ken Gregorski as the district’s superintendent.

Leaders know when the time is right to take a stand. They did it quietly but they never went wobbly. Now, Katy has turned a corner. The winds are at our back and we have Doyle, Lacy, and Vann to thank for leading us through the darkness and back into the light.

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