Deputies Celebrate Constable Ted Heap’s Birthday

Constable Ted Heap – Facebook

KATY (Covering Katy News) – Deputy Constables at the Harris County Precinct 5  office held a surprise birthday party for their boss recently.

“We caught Constable Ted Heap off guard this week, as the department held a surprise birthday party for him,” said a social media post.

The post joked that no one would reveal the Constable’s age.

“How old is he? We’re told that’s strictly confidential. But we couldn’t find a single cake big enough to hold all of the candles, so we got two,” the post said.

Of course, the Constable’s age is part of the public record given that he’s an elected official but Covering Katy supports any excuse that allows a birthday party to have more than one cake.

Happy Birthday Constable Ted Heap!






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